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Submitted by skyward 1604d ago | news

F1 2011 Clip Shows Off Power Of PS Vita

NowGamer: Codemasters has revealed the first work-in-progress footage of F1 2011 on Sony's PS Vita - and the results are hugely impressive... (Codemasters Birmingham, F1 2011, PS Vita, PS3, Tech, Tokyo Game Show)

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FernandoMartinez  +   1604d ago
This (graphics) look nothing like what we have seen so far from other developers for Vita. This looks more like something for the PSP. Gran Turismo for PSP looks much better than this.
Vitalogy  +   1604d ago
That can't be PS Vita's gameplay, I refuse to believe that and I kinda doubt it is. But if that's for real then someone should teach codemasters how to develope for PS Vita and show them Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
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Js2Kings  +   1604d ago
Exactly, this does not "show off" anything. You want to see real PS Vita power in a racing game: Wipeout 2048
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Liamabob  +   1604d ago
Dare I say that this looks a bit ugly compared to my somewhat lofty expectations?
It doesn't appear to look much better than GranTurismo-psp.

Hopefully the final version will crisp up nicely.
theonlylolking  +   1604d ago
It does not even look better than GT PSP IMO.
RevXM  +   1604d ago
Um showing off?
It looks rather ugly considering the power of the PSV.
Looks like a psp game.
nickjkl  +   1604d ago
i think the submittor is a troll with that title
SandWitch  +   1604d ago
I bet that the author of the article didn't even take a closer look at the trailer. It's far from showing off Vita power and I hope the finalized game (this is likely yet in development) will look much better.
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nyobzoo  +   1604d ago
I think that they were making a psp game, cancelled it and decided to bring it back to the vita
HAF912  +   1604d ago
looks like garbage. better not be for real
Studio-YaMi  +   1604d ago
Damn it codemasters,were you trying to make a PS1 game ???
this looks terrible compared to other PSV titles !
CaptCalvin  +   1604d ago
Something you should all know: The Vita version of this game is outsourced to Sumo, the same guys that made F1 2009. Instead of using Codemasters Birmingham's assets, they used their own, which is why the similarities in gameplay and visuals to F1 2009 is so uncanny, especially the small size of the racing wheel and the light, twitchy, and arcady handling.
Ddouble  +   1604d ago
I'm sure the Vita can do more than that. Kind of dissapointing really.

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