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IncGamers: If you’re the type that worries about whether you’re going to get value for your forty-quid then, in this case, you can rest easy. This is a game that’s expertly constructed; the product of team seemingly in their element, buoyed by the success of the series so far and the expectations of their audience.

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iamironman2441d ago

nice. hardly a surprise that gears gets a good review. probably the best new series this generation.

iamironman2441d ago

yes im serious. what series of this generation is better than gears?

uncharted? no. i first one wasnt great.
bioshock? no. the second one sucked.
resistance? no. they all suck.
portal? maybe.

Bobbytheblobby2441d ago

interesting how much reviews are talking about the story.

good, in-depth review BTW. very detaild

newn4gguy2441d ago

Oh, great. Another game where reviewers are afraid to give it below a 9. -_-

I thought we stopped this crap.

JellyJelly2441d ago

Funny how you never said that about Resistance 3. PS3 fanboy much?

videoxgamexfanboy2441d ago

Wow u have trolled every gears article...maybe its getting 9's because gee i dont know IT DESERVES IT! God forbid a 360 exclusive gets great reviews...stupid fanboy go peddle ur trash else where

Septic2441d ago

Newn4gguy has been trolling every review post on Gears of War 3.

Don't pay attention to him.