Kinect Project Draco Screenshots Look Stunning

GB : Check out some new screenshots from Kinect Project Draco. The game looks stunning as you can see in these screenshots.

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Hands Up For Games2647d ago

Kinect game looking good?! *Shock*

Really looking forward to seeing some gameplay for this one :)

EVILDEAD3602647d ago

Panzsr Dragoon FTW...

Been waiting for this game since the announcement. Always thought it was coming in 2012. Child of Eden showed how these type of shooter experiences can be amazing..screenshots show how graphically it will be on par with that gem.


cliffbo2647d ago

looks like another on the rails shooter like what we used to get on the dreamcast

SixZeroFour2647d ago

thats on earth did you get all that info from screens?

Tanir2647d ago

because thats how every other kinect game plays????

did u think this game would magically let it feel like ur riding a real dragon? seriously, stop having hope in something that has no appeal to you or any real gamers

candystop2647d ago

Panzer Dragoon was on rails and I loved it.This game is looking beautiful and like a proper upgrade. Not sure what game you were expecting but this has always been on on the rails just like many games before it.

2647d ago
nilamo2647d ago

panzer dragoon is that you?? NERDGASM..