PlayStation Suite dev kits available in November

Sony Computer Entertainment will offer software development kits (SDK) for PlayStation Suite (PS Suite), called "PlayStation Suite SDK," for content developers starting this November. PS Suite is an initiative solution to deliverthe world of PlayStation to Android based portable devices.

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golsilva2445d ago

im more interested in the non gaming side ps suite. I wonder if they'll allow all of the apps on android market like finder apps for stores, etc for the 3g since it has gps.

TheSoundDefense2445d ago

Wait, they announced the PS Suite ages ago, but they still haven't given any dev kits out? That seems kind of ridiculous to me.

pixelsword2445d ago

It is; Playstation Home is still in Beta as well, so something's telling me that the Production manager over at Sony needs a foot in a certain place.

rdgneoz32445d ago

Home may be in "beta", but how long have people been playing around in it?

OT: Curious what people will create with the kits.

MasterCornholio2445d ago

This will be great for indie devs who want to make games for both the vita and mobile phones.

Guess the Vita will have those cheap games that the casuals love so much

Undeadwolfy2445d ago

As well as the core games. This is a great idea and good business sense for both Sony and Google.

Ninjeska2443d ago

Apparently it'll also some have PSOne games available though, which would be pretty damn awesome <3