TGH: Dead Island Review

TGH Writes: Announced in 2006, it’s been nearly five years for Dead Island to finally be released. By taking elements and queues from other games, Techland hopes to achieve the ultimate zombie survival game. Giving players the freedom and cooperative experience that other zombie games fail to give. So should you book your stay on Dead Island? Or should you check somewhere else? Find out in this review of Dead Island.

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ShadyDevil2376d ago

I would have to say the score is pretty fair based upon all the complaints about the title. The game is fun and everything but it feels like the launch was rushed. Great game though.

lpfisher2376d ago

This thing is so broken... BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!!

ferelinstincts2376d ago

Despite the games flaws, I am enjoying it. :)

BlackTar1872376d ago

Only thing that annoys me is i need a block button. I also hate the health system it feels like to me they give you more health at the same rate they increase the dmg . Kinda stupid.

Also why do they charge so much for a respawn. Just annoys me after hat i love the game so far.

Im not bad at games so i just think its annoying that getting hit from every angle at any given time is unavoidable it seems and then your dead and you spawn in a circle of zombies. and at least for my charcter the health you find is 1 bar come on and then med health packs are like 3 bars and thats 1 hit.

Like i said i love the game but something are def. annoying.


If you get surrounded by zombies your screwed, no sh*t sherlock.....

Thats the idea though....its meant to be challenging and tough because they are trying to make you care more about surviving than wacking your way through 20 zombies at a time a la L4D/Dead Rising.

It charges you so much because you died....its the games way of saying, "learn from that mistake and imrpove upon that or we will take your money" It would be boring if there was no consequence for death.

Lesson learnt here...dont get surrounded by zombies.

BlackTar1872376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

okay dude your so high and mighty and so good at video games.

In the slums getting surround by zombies is almost if not 100% unavoidable if you plan on killing any at all.

but i guess your so good you never have this problem.

don't respond if your just going to be a Pri*k. Valid comments you make it so a zombie can hit you 3 times from behind with in 1 second of you spawning there is something not 100% there. Make safe spawn zones or don't charge 2k in fines. Cuz you know spawning in front of a straight jack thing and it kicking you for -4 bars is pretty fair and something your able to learn from.

Lesson leanrt lol whatever you say.


Why thank you for the compliments! much obliged!

its 100% avoidable, well your backing me up on this one, im all high and mighty am I not?

backwards + A/x/s = dodge...

"Valid comments you make it so a zombie can hit you 3 times from behind with in 1 second of you spawning there is something not 100% there"

Im not really sure where your going with this....

played 26 hours on steam and havent once spawned into a situation I could not handle...but of course the skill and effort required to hold back and press A

...But as you said, im high and mighty =)

BlackTar1872375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

bro i'll work you on any game you play. Your not that good. Send me a friend invite and ill blow past you in any ps3 or 360 game or BF3 on pc. ANy day. Scrub.

you know pressing A and back when they run behind you isn't going to stop you from getting hit right? Is there a reward on steam for beating the whole game without dying maybe its called the Full of sh*t reward.

But then you just dodge left and right unless you used up all your stamina swinging the Epic hammer well then you put on god mode and tuff it out. Your ridiculous.