Dead Island Patch Released on Xbox 360 – PS3 and PC Coming Soon

RipTen - Deep Silver has announced that the first title update for Dead Island is now available for download via Xbox LIVE.

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xPhearR3dx2380d ago

I got disconnected in the middle of playing. Patch popped up, Xbox froze lol Restarted my Xbox and the patch worked fine. So far so good ^_^

Crazyglues2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Yeah too bad the PS3 version of the patch is not out yet... I stop playing because the game is not saving my progress/ and Co-op is not working can't join friends games...

Need this patch A.S.A.P


ikkokucrisis2380d ago

I'm with you bro, after my gamesave vanished into thin air i was like "screw this $hizn!ts" and went back to madden for now..

Sigmarue2380d ago

Will the patch fix their accents? Lolololol

BlackjackCF2380d ago

Heavens. Why do devs think its ok to add updates a week after a game's release? Why not do it right the first tine round?

jriquelme_paraguay2380d ago

do you think they release a buggy game on purpouse?

MidnytRain2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

In a way, yes. They may not have wanted the game to turn out buggy, but they probably knew the game was broken when it launched. I already disapprove of release day patches, so patching things up a week after is just frustrating, I think.

jriquelme_paraguay2380d ago

Deep silver is a small Dev.
This game is huge...
we need to support Devs like this, Dead Island its not BROKEN.

They cant test everything.
We need to be Patients, and Thank they do something with the Feedback.

MidnytRain2380d ago

^^The publishers should've gave them more time if it wasn't ready.

MysticStrummer2380d ago

@paraguay - The PS3 version is most definitely broken. I started running into bugs very quickly, so while they can't test everything I'd say there are many things wrong with this game that they should have been aware of, and probably were. I'd be done with the game by now if the autosave wasn't a liar. I've had to do big sections of the game two, three, even four times before the game acknowledges that I completed them. Not broken... riiight.

Brawler2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@jriquelme_paraguay Deep Silver is not the dev its the publishing company Techland is the developer known for their buggy mess of CoJ games..

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Miiikeyyy2380d ago

^Dude doesn't understand how games are made!

ConstipatedGorilla2380d ago

You need to patch your comment to fix the word "time".

Ocean2380d ago

Seems to be the normal thing this gen.....release game....patch it later

SwiderMan2379d ago

Right, why pay for testing when you can outsource?

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