Top 10 Best Wii Video Game Bargains

If you’re the owner of a Nintendo Wii or looking to get a gift for someone who is, then you’ll want check out this list for the top ten Wii games and accessories that you can get for great low prices. These Wii deals cover everything from exercise and children’s games to accessories to help you get in the game. Some of these amazing video game sales will only be around for one day, so act quick if you want to save big on Wii merchandise.

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Mario4life2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Missed on dead space extraction on wii for 4.99 (if i remember right) off best buy a while back, but that went back up since then

halocursed2446d ago

None of these are my kind of games!

SyluxPT2446d ago

can't wait for zelda skyward sword!

Venox20082446d ago

No more heroes
House of the dead: overkill