First Layton VS Ace Attorney Screens

The first in-game screenshots from Level-5's and Capcom's crossover project, Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney have been revealed. The game is looking excellent!

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hotsnail2286d ago

This is a dream come true.

Corax2286d ago

OBJECTION! Dreams are a figment of imagination, this is real.

UltimateIdiot9112286d ago

On the contrary, it was a dream until Level-5 and Capcom made this into a reality. Dream no more my boy, there are puzzles to be solved.

Corax2286d ago

HOLD IT! It's more likely they came together in a board meeting.

supergameboy2286d ago

The most exciting cross-over in years.

ashbc2286d ago

I like Phoenix Wright, however I've never been a fan of crossovers. Who knows, Phoenix may make this awesome.

hotsnail2286d ago

Have confidence! The game is in good hands. :)

eagle212286d ago

I agree, have confidence. They seem like they have awesome ideas because these are their most loved new characters and they aren't going to mess them up.

MakiManPR2286d ago

Awesome! This could lead to a Nintendo vs Capcom someday

user8586212286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Level 5, Capcom, Nintendo I BEG OF YOU PLEASE LOCALIZE THIS!!!

p.s those some EPIC finger pointing!! also those are polygon renders!! :O

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