What Do You Want To Know About Mass Effect?

Although the review of the game is scheduled for next week, Kotaku is asking readers if there is anything specific that they would like to ask about Mass Effect. Until playing it, Kotaku didn't know what to truly make of it. Is it an RPG? Is it a shooter? Is it a "space opera"? Readers can leave comments or shoot an email.

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BLACKJACK VII3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Dear Kotaku,

What are the dimensions of the GOTY award ? Need to make room in the trophy case - thanks.

Love, Bioware.

Kuest3451d ago

Bubbles, blackjack. An Ace and a King you are!

Let us also not forget General jc... bubbles up bro.

jcgamer3451d ago

thanks bro, I'm just holding it

BLACKJACK VII3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

LOL, this like our private forum. WE ROCK - BUBBLES UP !!!


Alpha_Gamer3451d ago

But seriously, this game looks amazing. I have not been able to score one early, but, I got it preordered at gamestop. Can`t wait for the 20th.

Bnet3433451d ago

I love Mass Effect, I want bubbles too!!!! even though i rarely use em all

Kuest3451d ago

Yes, that means Kingmal, Jaja... everybody. Happy thanksgiving (in advance) and good look starting you very own ME adventure. How many days?


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Lacarious3451d ago

No need to know anything about it.

Kratchet3451d ago

This game looks awesome. There's no doubt about it. I would like to see more combat videos, because all i have seen are shooting drones and two guards. Is there more to the combat?
Bioware will be proud.

stickygreen3451d ago

I haven't seen much on the combat, however the game is getting great reviews so i don't think i will be disappointed.

mesh13451d ago

its not s combat game SHOOOOOOOOOOOOO

dachiefsman3451d ago

i don't have it and I don't care to know anything about it until I have conquered it so please stfu! thank you!

Bathyj3451d ago

I'm getting it this arvo. Is it already out everywhere else?

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