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Submitted by Okami_Amaterasu 1536d ago | news

Vita Can Play ‘Most’ Downloadable PSP Games, Sony Thinking About Solution for UMD Owners

Sony's next generation handheld will, as previously promised, support downloadable PSP titles. The PlayStation Vita will even let you take advantage of its dual analog sticks to control some software. But what about those of us with nothing but PSP games on UMD? (PS Vita, PSP)

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KingSlayer  +   1536d ago
I'm not buying a Vita to play PSP games. Still, "most" is better than "none".
Cloudberry  +   1536d ago
It's unfortunate but...
I still keep my beloved 3000 though.
SilentNegotiator  +   1536d ago
I still have my PSP, but I hope they "GO" through with a plan to give a solution for UMDs.
Ju  +   1536d ago
Retribution! - Unfortunately, that was my last UMD purchase... The last MGS (which I never finished on the PSP). Got plenty of games for the Go! Nice to be able to play them on the Vita.
dboyc310  +   1536d ago
I'm sensing an attachment coming up :)
UltimateIdiot911  +   1536d ago
I'm not either but I do have some games on UMD that I would love to play on the Vita instead of carrying a PSP and PSVita.

One of my favorite is Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth.
Christopher  +   1536d ago
There is no easy solution for doing this that wouldn't allow people to easily give the same game on UMD to all their friends. But, I say they should just go ahead and do it and allow UMDs to be downloaded with a PC synch to MediaGo and then upload it as its own program file to the Vita. Sure, it allows piracy on a small level, but it's not like a lot of those people are going to buy old PSP games in the first place...
kaveti6616  +   1536d ago
Oh, is this a sharing-with-friends issue?
Christopher  +   1536d ago

Yeah. The easy solution wold be to use MediaGo on your PC to manage the process. You would connect your PSP, synch it with MediaGo, put in a UMD, and then run a process from MediaGo that would convert the UMD to a digital version of the game that could be then uploaded to any other PSP compatible device.

The problem? Once you do that, you could give the UMD to all your friends to do the same thing or just sell the UMD. People could go buy a ton of used UMDs, perform the same action, and then sell them back.

The other option of sending in your games for a DLC code just doesn't seem too profitable for Sony, IMHO, considering the overhead costs in managing the process as well as shipping fees.

In all honesty, I see them reducing PSP game costs and selling them on the PSN as usual. Perhaps an option for users of PSPs to get a discount on all of the old games, but there really isn't a way you can do that that wouldn't be available to everyone else since SKUs are about the only unique element to a game/PSP, and each game of a single release has the same SKU.
fatstarr  +   1535d ago
last i checked people all over claimed the vita was fully backwards compatable

pff everyone forgets the umd's

looks like this box is unchecked.

and I dont know about you guys but I still play my ds games on my 3ds and I am sure you will want to do the same via psp-psv
smashcrashbash  +   1536d ago
Never got around to buying a PSP. This just quadruples the amount of games I will want to play on the VITA. PS2, VITA,PSN AND PSP games
user858621   1536d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
AdmiralSnake  +   1536d ago
Why didn't they think about this earlier in the development cycle ?

Anyway they released a new model of the PSP which is dirt cheap, I think in Europe... so I mean if I wanna play my PSP games I would just play it on my PSP, wouldn't mind seeing some remakes like Crisis Core for the Vita though.
Christopher  +   1536d ago
***Why didn't they think about this earlier in the development cycle ? ***

They do, they just don't discuss it publicly until it's asked.
AdmiralSnake  +   1536d ago
This was asked plenty of times though o___0.

They asked Sony would their be a model or an attachment to enable the Vita to Play UMDs and Sony basically beat around the bush lol.
Christopher  +   1536d ago
***They asked Sony would their be a model or an attachment to enable the Vita to Play UMDs and Sony basically beat around the bush lol.***

And they responded above...

Again, you said that this is something they should be thinking about early in the development cycle. It is. Just because they don't share their plans or lack thereof at this time or any prior time, doesn't mean it wasn't something they've been thinking about.
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Baka-akaB  +   1536d ago
Funny thing is some naysayers will keep using the psp as a negative point ... when back then they couldnt give a damn about the psp , stated it had no games , or was dead .
zinkabassi   1536d ago | Spam
n4gisatroll  +   1536d ago
Just like the PSPgo solution? They shouldnt tell us things like this because I was seriously disappointed that they didnt let us get our UMD games free on psn.
Squatch83  +   1536d ago
I made that comment myself. Didnt see u got there first. lol.
Obviously a valid point u made.
plmkoh  +   1536d ago
My "Welcome back" PSP games are waiting.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1536d ago
Same here even though they will have a PSVita version but free is free.
f789790  +   1536d ago
My friend and I did that too. We both have 2 psp games downloaded that we can't play since we sold our PSP's.
crillvirus   1536d ago | Spam
rezzah  +   1536d ago
I wouldn't mind trading in my UMD and case for a code to DL the game.
Squatch83  +   1536d ago
I remember when they brought out the PSP Go...
They were meant to do something similar for UMD owners with that, so wouldnt hold my breath for Vita.
sashimi  +   1536d ago
Play them UMDs on the system it was built for... the PSP. Problem solved.
Mario4life  +   1536d ago
but why carry two things around when you can play it on one system like the vita
sashimi  +   1536d ago
Who said you have to carry two things around? you can either bring your psp or PsVita out... You people are so wishy washy.

And if it is such a must play game get it done b4 the vita comes out and quit whining.
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Mario4life  +   1536d ago
@samhimi but why care around a psp if you can carry your psvita and still play both psp and vita games
Titanz   1536d ago | Trolling | show
banjadude  +   1536d ago
I'll keep both close to me (obviously when the VITA does release); can't part from my PSP 3000, it's got a beefy library.

@ Waseem

How many times do people here have to tell you, NOT EVERYONE bought every title for the PS2! This gives them an opportunity to try the game out on their PS3, rather than paying obscure prices (obviously for some to most titles) on EBAY. Sheesh...
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maniac76  +   1536d ago
oh,i thought psp games will be upscaled on the vita,maybe they wont look like how i pictured lol
Ddouble  +   1536d ago
Yes i need to play Dissidia on the Vita without buying it again and without trading in my special edition.

How they will do that i have no clue.
MasterCornholio  +   1535d ago
err whats with the most clause?

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