Sessler's Soapbox: CoD4 - A Very Attractive Foot

G4 TV's Adam Sessler is back on his soapbox again, and this week, he's talking about Call of Duty 4. Adam hits the nail on the head when he describes CoD4, saying, "This game kicks ass, and it kicks ass with a very large foot."

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ErcsYou4051d ago

he didnt even go tell anyone to put a !BLEEP! in their mouth..WTF...

Gamespot-equals-EGM4051d ago

The only people I want to actually see on camera talking about video games are:

1) Gaming executives
2) Game developers
3) Hot chicks
4) Angry Video Game Nerd

Everyone else I really don't want to see their (usually not so pretty) faces on camera.

That's why I never watch Gamespot's video reviews- because they always have some fat, ugly a$$ reviewer on camera. Only gametrailers and IGN video reviews for me (ie, the reviewers usually are not on camera).

Rangelo4051d ago

so i'm assuming the guys in IGN are little bit more your type, because they are skinnier? Anyways can you please keep your sexual preference off this thread its not needed.

djt234051d ago

lol Angry Video Game Nerd

DaddyDC6504051d ago

Didn't need him to tell me that but w/e. I'm too busy playing AC to give much attention to my copy of COD 4. Both are awesome btw. =)

Laexerias4051d ago

i hate this horrible bastard

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