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Before it’s release, the main line I was hearing from Insomniac was that they want to make a more ‘focused’ shooter that people will be able to pick up and play and connect with right off the bat. After LOVING Resistance 2, with its gigantic boss battles, epic story, 60 man multiplayer, and an amazing original online 8-man co op mode, I’m not going to lie, I was worried. Now that Resistance 3 has been released and I’ve sunk plenty of time into it, I have to say, the latest entry is still a good game, but easily my least favorite in the series. My fears came true, and a focused game means less and less fun for the player...

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GoldenGamer2622d ago

No. It's an opinion. Although I haven't played it yet just got it yesterday.

dc12622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Lets be fair..Whitefeather can voice his as well.
For the record: any R2 fan will be disappointed at the removal of the 8 player co-op or the reduction from 60. But, the game should be judge by what it does deliver and how well it stacks to others in its genre.
My guess is that you will enjoy the campaign and co-op. The MP delivers nonetheless.

As a side note: R2 may very well be one of the most under appreciated Co-op /MP games of all time.

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r212622d ago

to anyone playing this online and finished the campaign.
do you think they should add a mode similar to CoD's zombie mode where instead you fight the chimeras. this thought popped up when i was playing the boat level :D

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2622d ago

that would actually work really well! instead of just zombies it would be hybrids, drones, stalkers, grims, brawlers, widomakers etc. They definitely should think about doing their own survival co-op but keep the the campaign coop for next game

banjadude2622d ago

Would be nice, but then you have all these trolls saying R3 is "copying" COD; blah blah blah, you know what I mean...