PSX Extreme: ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Review

Two of the very best games in history have been overhauled with glossy high-def visuals and a few new gameplay options. It's an amazing, artistically-inspired collection!

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Oldman1002285d ago

"One fact to note is that ICO is based on the European release, so American gamers might spot a few differences. Some of the puzzles have been altered, for instance, but the biggest change is as follows: upon completing the game once, you can replay and Yorda’s gibberish will be accompanied by subtitles, so you can finally understand what she’s saying. You can even try a new co-op mode that lets a friend play as Yorda, and that changes the entire complexion of the adventure. Not only are these awesome additional features, they also enhance this collection’s longevity."

This is one reason alone to buy this collection if you already own the original north american copies.

Bathyj2285d ago

Didnt the American version have the translation before?

The PAL version did.

Bathyj2285d ago

Is it even possible for this to win GotY?

Does it qualify?

GamersRulz2285d ago

it is easily better than all 2011 releases. two of the best games ever created on one BD disk.

Bathyj2285d ago

And cheap too.

I'm just wondering if ineligible because they are released games.