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With DLC and Multiplayer are renting games still an option?

SchollA from consolecontrollus.com writes- So I got to thinking and I started wondering although great services (in theory), are renting games still a viable option?

...Now some years into this generation of gaming as single-player stand alone titles are going the way of the dinosaur and DLC and Multiplayer have almost become standard, you can add to that now the online pass, (which makes you pay a fee for not purchasing a game new) it begged the question why rent? I look at a couple of things while considering this. (GameFly, Industry, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

zeal0us  +   1535d ago
Yes for does who don't care for dlc or multiplayer, not to mention not all game require a pass/online pass so ppl still can game online.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   1535d ago
And I think even games with online passes, if the publishers who atleast used them would give a 48 time frame to let people who rent/borrow games a taste of what the multiplayer offered, would be a smart move.
J86blum  +   1535d ago
Thats the point to prevent renting and buying second hand.
cogniveritas  +   1535d ago
If publishers wanted to prevent renting then they should stop making licensing deals with game rental companies to allow them to rent out their games. Publishers do want some of us to rent games because they understand that if certain people couldn't rent a game, they may not be able to afford to put up the money to buy it either which is not a profitable option. So the least a rental gamer does is keep the game rental companies sending license money to the publishers.
Bladesfist  +   1535d ago
Still games like assasins creed are rented so much it does not give them anything per rental. They deserve to make money on what they spend years making.
ScubaSteve1  +   1535d ago
renting games saves you money
J86blum  +   1535d ago
but it does not make the studio any money.
ScubaSteve1  +   1535d ago
so if i buy a game that's crappy i cant get my money back. so that's where gamefly comes in
GRIMLOCK_79  +   1535d ago
i have gamefly and just last weak help me save 60 on dead island .
TooTall19  +   1535d ago
I tried to cancel my membership today, and they offered a free month! Now I don't need to cancel till November. Gamefly saves me a lot of money, I just don't have as much time to play as I used to.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1535d ago
renting is still viable

I have recently gameflied Dead Island, LA Noire, God of War 3, no more heroes heroes paradise. I will be renting ICO and shadow of the colossus collection, god of war origins, house of the dead overkill, silent hill hd collection, dark souls, kinect sports 2, and more.

Thats all on top of the games I will buy. IF I really like a game that I rent I will buy it new when it comes down in price if there is compelling dlc available.

having options as a consumer is still a reality, but perhaps not for long

oh yeah I'd like some bubbles back if possible, thanks
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FragMnTagM  +   1535d ago
I agree. I have played Driver, UFC Trainer (crazy workout), and F.3.A.R, in the past week and a half.

I love how since I have been with Gamefly for over a year (2 years actually) that I not only get 5 GF dollars every three months, but also get the 10% discount on games I want to keep.

I got Red Dead Redemption for only 25 dollars when it was brand new. I have even gotten some games for free, with the GF dollars I had + the 10% discount.

I just wish they shipped games faster is all.
ScubaSteve1  +   1535d ago
i got white knight chronicles for 27 bucks with gamefly
FragMnTagM  +   1535d ago
bobrea  +   1535d ago
What a stupid question! Of course it's still an option. I rarely buy DLC for any of my games. I can't even remember the last time I purchased any. I'd much rather rent many games then pay $60 new or even $30 used. And there are plenty of people who don't care about multiplayer OR they are like me, and would never pay for an online pass. It's a disgusting tactic by game developers to squeeze more money out of people. It's horrible that I should be punished for legitimately buying a game for a cheaper price because that's what a retail store is charging.

I'm curious as to if you thought this was a well-thought out article when you wrote it.
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Scholla  +   1535d ago
of course lmboo. i wanted to get all sides and all opinions on this subject.
Mr402  +   1535d ago
Doesn't stop me from renting at all. I just rented Resistance 3 for example. Other then the original the series is very lackluster and I never had a desire to dive into the multiplayer anyway. Dead Island is another example of a game I'm glad I rented before purchasing. It's fun but because of technical issues I will now wait and purchase it later when it's cheaper and patched. Being disciplined and renting before buying, especially with titles of suspect quality is a great tool for a expensive hobby.
SKUD  +   1535d ago
Nope. In fact since using gamefly It really puts things into perspective on just how little content you get with most games (Yet they charge FULL PRICE). Only to be released as DLC later on. FUUU DLC. Gaming cancer.
maniacmayhem  +   1535d ago
What's great about Gamefly is if you rent a game and decide to keep it they will charge you a USED price.

Then they ship the box and all its content in it.

Viva la Gamefly!
TheDivine  +   1535d ago
I rent for alot of singleplayer games and i prefer to try multiplayer also so an online pass means i wont consider buying your game. I rented resistance 3 and prob wouldve bought it if i could try the multi even for 5 rounds or to level 5 like homefront does. They wont let me try i wont buy, period. Not to mention needing 2 passes to play online with a friend. Homefront, moh, and socom 4 did a pass right. You can get online but not use all the maps/features.

I think renting helps sell multiplayer games (because you get hooked) but kills singleplayer game sales. I loved homefront and will buy it because i rented. Renting will always be there until they make all games use a pass and thats when i say goodbye to consoles.
GhettoBlasStarr  +   1535d ago
Well if Rentals are going to disappear, I think game developers are in for a "RUDE Awakening". Their GREED is starting to blind them. Because rentals are the best selling tools. Imho, No gaming system would've been as successful if it wasn't for Rental Stores (i.e BlockBuster, Hollywood Video etc.) word of mouth wouldn't have gotten so big for Halo, COD and other games.
Most people bought the gaming systems because they can rent games for the weekend. When average parents buy systems for they kids they intend to spend $60 every week/month on every game that comes out or on games they no nothing about. And not that many people buy a game just because one friend says so.

No matter how great an online game maybe, it is useless if the community is small or empty. DLC splits up the community and the online pass blocks used game gamers. Its only a matter of time before R3 feels the effects of this as the community will get smaller when DLC hits.
SITH  +   1535d ago
I rent games on gamefly that I would never buy. Give some sort of digital rental on Xbox for games, then we can talk. Meanwhile...
kma2k  +   1535d ago
i have had gamefly for over a year now & i get every new game on relesae day. I love it, i just finished deux ex, resistance 3, & just started god of war origins.

I play games for single player not multiplayer & dont really give a crap about 99% of dlc's so it is the best option for me.

Cant wait till next week gears 3 baby.

With gamefly over the past year+ ive had them they have sent me over $3000.00 worth of games (used game price) & i have payed them just over $300.00 hell yea its still an option!
Soldierone  +   1535d ago
I think its dumb to blame renting on "bad sales." Make a good game and people will buy it. Maybe if they can't beat your game in 6 hours it wouldn't be an issues....Its called greed, they want money, will shut off all third man outlets as possible, realize its a terrible idea and beg to get them back.

I rent games still. Saved me from buying Homefront and many others when I accidentally breezed through the single players and online was subpar or locked out due to some stupid activation crap. Meanwhile It has also pushed me to buy several games because I had to keep playing it after i returned it.

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