If Half-Life were made into a movie

From Gordon Freeman to the G-man, this fan depiction of Half-Life characters compared to their Hollywood counter-parts seems as good as it can get.

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Jpinter2441d ago

I'd love to see a Half-Life movie, especially with Christopher Walken as G-man.

ATi_Elite2441d ago

Excellent choices and good actors!!

Lots of great fan made HL2 movies

baraka0072441d ago

Christopher Walken is so close to G-man it's kinda scary

NoUseMerc2441d ago

Agreed. He'd make the perfect G-man. He'd provide a great performance that's for sure.

Pintheshadows2441d ago

I was coming into this to mock your choices but I really can't. Jeremy Piven as Barney. Inspired.

It is a shame Dennis Hopper isn't alive to play Dr Breen though.

gunhed812441d ago

what's about Bill Nighy? If you watch the first Underworld movie... the ways he looks, was spot-on! it's kinda stuck in my head... same with Hugh Laurie from House M.D. but he's too old to play George Freeman.

sonicsidewinder2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Lmao. Christopher Walken as G-Man. Amazing.

"NAO...Mr FREEman...Y'see You KNEW! That BREEN. Had this headcrab...up his ass...and now... Little man. I give Lamar to you..."