Resistance 3 Sharp Shooter Review Issues

"Typically I’d give you guys a detailed walkthrough/review of a new Sharp Shooter game, and I still intend to do a proper Sharp Shooter review of Resistance 3, however, that depends on when Insomniac fixes the Move implementation in the game."

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Wh15ky2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

The zoomed scope in R3 is different to KZ3. In KZ3 the deadzone is increased to full screen size when you aim with scope in R3 the reticule is fixed and there is no deadzone, that's why it is significantly slower when you aim with scope, if it stayed the same speed you would become too easily disorientated. I've increased the overall sensitivity to about 90% so when I aim with scope it is still slower but it is more managable, although I don't [;ay with the sharpshooter (I've got one but I just prefer to play with Move freestyle).

The fixed reticule made me feel a bit motion sick the first time I played R3 but I'm used to it now, in fact I think I prefer it to KZ3s controls now. I'd like to see a future shooter give you the option of a fixed reticule when shooting from the hip aswell.

himdeel2410d ago

That's the one thing I wish they'd patch in R3. Using the scope or iron sights just plain old sucks. It's too slow to be a good option :/ Killzone for me has the best Sharpshooter configuration options for a FPS.

Wh15ky2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I haven't tried the sharpshooter on R3 yet but I can imagine the aiming down the scopes/ iron sights will not work well. Both options should be available.

Ju2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

It doesn't just suck. It makes the game unplayable. Simple. This must be addressed otherwise Move with R3 is useless.

Both, KZ3 and Socom4 work. Fix this, Insomniac. Why didn't they enable Move support in the beta. They would have known in advance this wouldn't fly.

I am pretty disappointed, because I never touched a DS3 in KZ3 or Socom4. And I hoped the same for R3.

BABY-JEDI2410d ago

I love my bright red sharp shooter, it's great. However, after a hour of posing/shooting it does get quite uncomfortable. So if Sony could invent a magical sharpshooting bench to lean my elbows on then that would be great.

Bathyj2410d ago

How about cybernetically augmented arms, so you dont get tired?

Or you could hit the gym once a month.

I kid because I care. ;)

BABY-JEDI2410d ago

I've been giving this some serious thought know & I'm thinking that sand bags may be the best option, just to add to the whole immersion thing
But robotic arms dooo sound good ; P

himdeel2410d ago

Sign me up! But leave out the machete blade attachement. K thanks bai bai!

Bathyj2410d ago

Well I hope they patch that soon. Sounds like a real issue.

Never the less, I cant wait to play this game, with my SS.

Curse your tardiness eBay.

BuffMordecai2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I love that they have the option for using the sharpshooter in FPS games, but I could never get used to it. So far I only use the gun to play on-rail shooters like time crisis, deadstorm pirates, dead space extraction, and hopefully the new house of the dead.