WTG | Dead Island Review

GIJustin of WTG writes: "My wife and I started out playing single player just to get a feel for the game, and right from the start, you are alone in your hotel room and everyone seems to be gone and alarms are going off. As you make your way around the hotel, the tutorial begins to tell you how to perform certain tasks. The tutorial could be better by making it clear which direction on the D-Pad turns on the flashlight or brings up the main menu, and the picture that tells you which trigger to use to punch or kick is not very clear either. After going through the tutorial, you will encounter your first experience with zombies as well as survivors. The directions you are given are easy to understand and the compass in the bottom left corner is pretty standard as well."

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BattleTorn2227d ago

I'm sooo addicted to this game!

I love it!!


probably going to be the best new IP of the year!