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Fishy business: The real story of an App Store clone war

What happens to iPhone developers when their games are copied? And what's behind the rise of "clones" in the App Store and elsewhere? This is the definitive story of indie developer Vlambeer, Gamenauts, and the controversy surrounding Ninja Fishing. (Bit Pilot, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Radical Fishing, Ridiculous Fishing, Solipskier, Tiny Wings, Unify)

crazytown99  +   1349d ago
I'm torn between my love of ninjas and my hatred of ripoffs.
Coheno  +   1349d ago
I'm not! Love ninjas, but the rip-offs piss me off... But hey, only one thing to do from the consumer side...don't buy the damn rip-off.

So sad to see a dev spend so much time creating something fresh and interesting to just get it ripped by someone else for another platform.

But I'll be getting Rediculous Fishing once it hits to show some support!
NagaSotuva  +   1349d ago
Weren't there two very similar games about anthropomorphic rabbits on the iPhone?
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1349d ago
Very good read.

These clones in the iOS App Store bug the crap outta me...Not just because of the hack devs ripping other people off, but because I *know* there are plenty of stupid people out there that won't realize the difference.
rod_furlong  +   1349d ago
Crazy story. I wish Apple would do something about this.
choadley  +   1349d ago
Great article. I'd be upset if I was a Ridiculous Fishing developer too.
Tolkoto  +   1349d ago
Begun the clone wars have.
Sadie2100  +   1349d ago
What, that's a pretty awesome read. I really feel for those guys who lost out here. Guess this is a case where previews are not a good thing to put out there.
illegalyouth  +   1349d ago
Sorry, but people get way too uptight about clones. You can't own ideas, and if someone can take your idea and executes it in better and more interesting ways, then that's called innovation. The industry risks stagnating, otherwise.
chrispy  +   1349d ago
Pedobear Rocks  +   1349d ago
I'm playing Hot Shots on Facebook right now that is a complete copy of Peggle down to the style of music and everything.
Gungnir  +   1349d ago
Really? They've stooped to copying fishing games? There's nothing better to copy?

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