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Monster Hunter 4 debut trailer

Check out the first trailer ever for Monster Hunter 4. (3DS, Monster Hunter 4)

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HappyWithOneBubble   1448d ago | Spam
fatalis95  +   1448d ago
this looks terrible what have they done to you MH
Hozi  +   1448d ago
Give credit where it is deserved. This looks great for a 3DS title. However, it will look much better on VITA.
fatalis95  +   1448d ago
i ment the way it plays, monster hunter uncharted..
NewMonday  +   1448d ago
A game changer for the 3DS
ShamefulDispray  +   1448d ago
And you'll never see this outside Japan. Thanks Crapcom, you sure do hate money.
badz149  +   1447d ago
what the hell was THAT? that's not Monster Hunter!
HellzAssassin  +   1448d ago
Why not on PS3 or PSV... ):
Godmars290  +   1448d ago
The PS3? Probably because they don't/can't build up in terms of graphics or gameplay. Improve past anything other than the PC version on the 360.

Though by the trailer they're aiming for a frenetic SothC.
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Godmars290  +   1448d ago
How many examples has Capcom given that they're a sometimes good but often lazy company?

Paid DLC that's on the disc? Several remakes done months apart? DmC?

Again, the MH on the 360 is a direct port of the game on the PC. The one coming to the PS3 is a direct port of the PSP game. Right now they're doing MH4 on the 3DS and it looks like a platformer.

They've been a lazy company for years. Why defend or argue the point?
narutogameking  +   1447d ago
I'm sure this is also coming to Vita.
There's a huge PSP community in Jpan who will buy a Vita just for Monster Hunter. They played the games on PSP with 1 analog nub so I doubt they'll get a 3DS for Monster Hunter if its also coming to PSV.
phntom  +   1448d ago
I hope that Capcom go bankrupt.
ZoidsRaven  +   1448d ago
A trailer shows off a good game and you want the guys behind it to go bankrupt? 7_7

phntom  +   1448d ago
It would be a great game... on PS3 or 360, not in the fucking 3DS or Vita.
ZoidsRaven  +   1448d ago
"It would be a great game... on PS3 or 360, not in the fucking 3DS or Vita."

That's just stupid.
Handhelds can have good games too.
I'm not gunna waste time on a list, because you should already know. 7_7
kesvalk  +   1447d ago
if it wasn't for the PSP, you wouldn't even have MH, cuz they only sold a good amount of copies on the handhelds, and that why they keep making it, you incult ingrate!

i would like that capcom goes bankrupt too, but not because they dont make the gaemz for mu xbux or mu ps3 !!1!!!1111

Arnagrim  +   1448d ago
When did Monster Hunter become a platforming game?
Hozi  +   1448d ago
I welcome the addition of platforming. It will be like Monster Hunter Uncharted.
Mario4life  +   1448d ago
it sound interesting by the sounds of it, the gameplay will be the same premise, but with Sotc climbing, which sounds epic :)
ronin4life  +   1448d ago
How did you get disagrees?
Hozi  +   1447d ago
We get disagrees because there are some who are mad that this is on 3DS, there are others who hate change, even if it's in a good way and lastly there are some who have no idea of what makes a game fun.
Ethereal  +   1448d ago
Menchi  +   1448d ago
Didn't see a single bit of actual combat there... It was entirely platforming.

I love Monster Hunter, but this isn't the direction I want to see it go.
narutogameking  +   1447d ago
I'll take whatever as long as they fucking release the game over here in the US.
El_Colombiano  +   1448d ago
I'll give the new direction a chance.
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1448d ago
i love it
StbI990  +   1448d ago
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, this only provoke me to laff, still not buying a 3DS until a lite with 2stick included, 2 MH FOR 3DS AND NEITHER FOR VITA? jajajajajaja.

Great news, sincerely, screw you capcom, it is like they want the vita to fail at all cost xD.
--Onilink--  +   1448d ago
sure, because they are going to announce a vita version at the nintendo 3DS conference.....

Not saying that they will actually release on Vita, we have seen Nintendo and Square keeping exclusives really exclusive these past years.

But if they are going to anounce it, i think the least you could expect is for it NOT to happen in a nintendo conference.
Lionalliance  +   1448d ago
They're missing a big opportunity by not bringing this to consoles :/
plmkoh  +   1448d ago
That's Capcom for you, every single release from this generation onwards has been a miss.

You get a big red flashing banner that tells you the core audience is on one particular platform but somehow they end up on the other side, then they start bitching about how the gaming market has changed.
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AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1447d ago
In terms of sales, MH is way WAY more successful on the PSP than it ever was on the PS2. So why in god's name would they invest tons of money in developing a MH for the consoles when the potential revenue is significantly lower?
narutogameking  +   1447d ago
Monster Hunter is ONLY popular in Japan. Its popular because its portable. The Monster Hunter Wii game didn't sell as good as the PSP games. Now they're porting the Wii game to 3DS. I guarantee you it will sell more.
TheKindRoost  +   1448d ago
Why don't they ever release it for ps3/360 in the west? This game has so much potential on consoles. Capcom doesn't understand that unlike Japan ,we westerners don't have monster hunter cafes nor (No offense intended)like meet up with random people to play games. They need to understand, that westerners like to play their games comfortably in their houses( again no offense intended).
ronin4life  +   1448d ago
This thread is amazing...
just... wow.
Valvatorez  +   1448d ago
And tomorrows news:Why PS Vita is DOOMERISED! Also,Why we REALLY loved 3DS all along!(Please forget that we spent the last week shitting out 'Why 3DS is DOOMERISED'articles.
Anyway on topic,Monster Hunter 4? Uh,wohoo...I kinda would have taken a brand new 3DS Zelda game more,to be honest.
Studio-YaMi  +   1447d ago
*gives you a sardine*
Valvatorez  +   1447d ago
Thanks Dood!
HawtSkull  +   1448d ago
c'mon guys you should know it'll pan out like this:
Monster Hunter 4 3DS
Monster Hunter 4QUAD VITA
Monster Hunter 4G PS3
Monster Hunter 4QUAD G WII U
Monster Hunter 4QUAD GX ULTIMATE HUNTERS (Unknown platform)
ronin4life  +   1447d ago
52pickup  +   1447d ago
lol Capcoms stock went down the moment they announced it was for 3DS

HawtSkull  +   1447d ago
but its still gonna sell in japan gamers don't watch stocks we play games
sasuke99  +   1447d ago
the platforming will add a whole new experience and make the gameplay smoother and more accessible.

oh and for capcom haters....please continue crying and whining...
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1447d ago
lol 3DS Region lock
we wont be able to play it
Screw u Capcom and nintendo
Ser  +   1447d ago
Ugh...Capcom is really rubbing me the wrong way. Why can't they release a legitimate Monster Hunter title on the PS3?

Monster Hunter started on the PS2, why hasn't the series migrated to the PS3? One of the main reasons I bought my PS3 was for the then announced Monster Hunter title on PS3. Isn't the series making BOAT LOADS of money in Japan? Don't a LOT of people in Japan own PS3s? It's really quite simple, Capcom!

Give me a legitimate Monster Hunter that I can take online without that Ad-Hoc nonsense. I wish the servers for the first Monster Hunter (PS2) were still up and running, I would still be playing to this very day. Me and my guildmates played during the last hours of that magnificent game's online portion...I just want to relive that experience again. MH: Tri didn't do it for me - the towns were way too small, and the Wii classic controller was awkward as heck to use.
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kesvalk  +   1447d ago
the series is making boat loads on the PSP, not the consoles, the 3 consoles versions sold poorly, so they kinda gave up doing it...
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1447d ago
Actually, the Wii version of MH did pretty well in both Japan and US markets.

Still, I see MH primarily being a handheld game from now on simply because it sells more on handhelds.
#19.1.1 (Edited 1447d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1447d ago
I know this game will eventually go the Vita. What I'm interested in is if we'll see some cross-platforming action between Vita and 3DS users, cuz that would be sweet.

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