The Games That Made Us Gamers: Super Metroid

For Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming, Gregg Burnell writes: The local swap shop knew that me and my brother were young and stupid because we seemed to lose several games and most of our pocket money whenever we ventured in there to trade stuff. I think we single-handedly kept that place afloat. We knew nothing about the Metroid series — we didn’t even know there was one — all we knew was that this hulking red box featuring an orange space warrior zapping some red dragon was going to be ours. God knows what we parted with to get Super Metroid.

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jc485732499d ago

a true survival game. Very creepy too.

BnBMartin2499d ago

I know exactly what you mean - even for a 2D sidescroller it was darn creepy at times. The sense of isolation is really acute at times.

n4f2499d ago

they should make a super metroid day on the calender

Upbeat2499d ago

doom 95 is a game that made us fps lovers

xtheownerzx2499d ago

Super Metroid my first super Nintendo game that i bought with my own money. Why can't they make them like this anymore screw other M.

jc485732499d ago's cool. I only love Other M for the looks.

Morgue2499d ago

I'd play this again over any game right now.

maniacmayhem2498d ago

This is hands down one of the best games on SNES. The epic last battle was outstanding.

Nintendo at its best right here.

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