Six Minutes of Leaked Battlefield 3 Campaign Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: It appears that someone has leaked some very low quality videos of Battlefield 3 single player gameplay.

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belal2259d ago

ps3 version looks good, but imo uncharted 3 looks better than this.

Corax2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Why would you even compare a TPS up against a FPS? Makes no sense maybe if you vs it up against gears...maybe but here is not the place. Also this is the 360 version of BF3 look at the controls and stop trolling. you just had to come here and give your views on a TPS looking better than a FPS huh? It was so important somebody knew what you thought looked better.

Wenis2259d ago

Here is another leaked video showing 4 minutes of jet gameplay:

Washington-Capitals2259d ago

Yeah and the PC version of BF3 will destroy uncharted 3... you see what i did there?

LOL, dumb fanboys,

Anyways, cant wait for this game.

Pixel_Pusher2259d ago


"this was recorded off of a test kit. the program used to record isn't all about quality, only showing bugs to the developers to get the point across. the videos are 1:1 off the recorder."

Sillyace922259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I don't understand it when people say that the PC version will be better, at least graphically. PC's don't have a universal setting, they're all dynamic some worse then others. And it's possible that some of the worst performing PC's will fail to the consoles in graphical fidelity.

I just don't understand, dumb fanboys I guess (referring to Washington-Capitals)

DAS6922259d ago

That's becausebu just totally overlooked 64 players on mp and bigger maps.

dontbhatin2259d ago

why can't somebody say a TPS looks better than a FPS? because its a different genre there are different standards to graphics? I'm not disagreeing with anybody here. i am just simply trying to understand why it has to be in the same genre to compare a game graphically.

JoGam2258d ago

I disagree with you...You can compare a TPS with a FPS if your just talking about looks. The guy said Uncharted 3 LOOKS better than this. Thats his opinion and comparison. Now if he went into more details maybe that would be different.

inveni02258d ago

I could tell as soon as he crouched behind the van that this wasn't PC footage. It's good to finally see some console footage, though, so that I can make a decision on platform.

Corax2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

You know when I really think about it there is no problem vs the graphics against a TPS and FPS but the real problem is why would you vs an aplha or beta gameplay against each other? I mean neither game is complete to say "this" looks better than "that". If you do say that then the correct way to say this phrase would be "Wow this beta footage looks better than that beta footage." But I would rest to say any game look better than the other since at this point IT DOESNT MATTER. Both games are gonna look better at release so why even compare them now?

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Miiikeyyy2259d ago

Uncharted 3 will look better than this, but it was kinda random to bring that up wasn't it?

iPad2259d ago

seriously? You had to bring up Uncharted?

MrGunny942259d ago

You need new eyes then...

shoddy2259d ago

His eyes is fine just the video is in low Res.

belal2259d ago

Don't need new eyes at all, you are ignorant if you belive that bf3 on console looks better than uncharted 3. bf3 looks great ( even though low res) but uncharted simply outshines it in graphics( console version), pc version of bf3 is hands down the best).

death2smoochie2259d ago

UC3 does look better than BF3 on consoles...No argument there...
YET UC3 also is linear and lacks destruction, smaller environments, does not have the sheer amount of vehicles and most of the effects and lighting and soft shadow effects are pre baked and pre calculated unlike BF3.
IMO this is comparing apples to oranges.

CrimsonEngage2259d ago

Pretty terrible logic. Uncharted is and exclusive while BF3 is multi-platform. All Exclusive titles look better than if it were to be mult-plat.

Get lost troll.

Hazmat132259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

wow sounds like a post apocalypse military shooter with epic garphics and all over the world. DO WANT!!!!!! the sound is very nice from reload to running. and a flashlight? ima use that in MP idk why but i must! can we get a singleplayer demo? thats what i want more than a multiplayer demo. idk why just do.

vyke32259d ago

The videos on the Duplicate don't work though...
By the time you read this comment these videos might be down too, thanks to EA. >:/

spektical2259d ago

looks great. ahh i will have to finish the single player before diving into MP.

SweatyFlorida2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I'll be doing the opposite.

RegorL2258d ago

But that means that you will never play the SP...

Hazmat132259d ago

same here bro SP first then MP!

damnyouretall2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

i always play sp first to get the feel of the controls for mp. but thats me.

FunkMcnasty2258d ago

Gald to hear someone say that! Too many people have been saying that they don't even plan on touching the campaign because all they care about is MP! Seems like a waste of what could be a solid story and a tour of some great set pieces and action

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