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Review: Dead Island - Valve & Bethesda Need To Watch Their Backs -StickTwiddlers

Ben from StickTwiddlers puts on his beach shorts and picks up his paddle as he reviews what he believes to be 'a strong contender for GOTY' in what is 'pretty much everything a gamer could want from a zombie survival RPG title'. (Dead Island, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9/10

JohnnyMann420  +   950d ago
Dead Island - Valve & Bethesda Need To Watch Their Backs?
I'm telling you.. Bethesda doesn't really need to watch their backs.

I think Dead Island provides a different experience than Left 4 Dead or Fallout and I wouldn't necessarily say a better (or worse) one.

Dead Island needs a lot more substance if it is to be compared to a Fallout, in my eyes. Fallout doesn't have co-op and that is a huge plus to Dead Island.

If anything should watch out, it should be games like Dead Rising.

Also this site says it's a GOTY contender. Agree/Disagree? Post below. I don't agree, but I can honestly say it (Dead Island) was a really fun game.
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jriquelme_paraguay  +   950d ago
I loVe Dead Rising.. and im loving Dead Island.
Fallout 3 is one of my Top 5 games this gen...

But true, if the next Fallout get the Co-op like Dead Island.. Woooow....

In Dead Rising the only contradiction is, it is a sandbox, but the Timed system, screw the feel of Sandbox.

Some times i just want messing arround and spare time killing and pissing off some zombies.

Sorry for my poor english. Lol

L4D enjoyed too... but like Zombie Games like CoD Zombies, i dont like it after playing a time... you only kill kill and kill zombies, no story or poor story... no level progresion.. etc. Just Arenas.
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Tigerfist  +   950d ago
No they don't, especially Valve.
KwietStorm  +   950d ago
Lets relax here
solar  +   950d ago
now thats funny. the co op in L4D is vastly superior to DI's.
Miiikeyyy  +   950d ago
It really isn't.
antz1104  +   949d ago
The co-op in L4D is ok but the vs multiplayer is where L4D really shines, thats where DI isnt going to top Valve.

Overall though I think DI is a great, immersive zombie game
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SuperBeast811  +   950d ago
I LOVE Dead Island but thats a pretty bold statement if you ask me cause im just wasting time right now until Skyrim baby!!
Angrymorgan  +   950d ago
BattleTorn  +   950d ago
Fallout with DI co-op..... would be epic!!
KwietStorm  +   950d ago
I'd be too scared of players killing NPCs
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   950d ago
Dead Islands Co-op system on PC is just pure pants, the first patch made trying to join and stay in a friends game go completely to hell!

Its a shame thought because my friends and I set up a VLAN and it worked great even though only 2 of us could connect to each other at a given time.
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Pintheshadows  +   950d ago
Valve? Don't bring Valve down to Techlands level. They know how to make games with some story for a start. And combat deeper than a Spiderman branded paddling pool.

I don't know where you pulled that 9 from. So far i'm yet to be impressed at anything this game has thrown my way. The worse thing is it is gradually unravelling the further I get. Fetch quest, fetch quest, fetch quest, I've had no problem with bugs. I just have a problem with this shoddy game with no imagination whatsoever.
phantomexe  +   950d ago
Do's Valve make alot of open world rpgs? Fallout is fetch,fetch then you got that long dull main story. My wife Plated the game but i'm not sure why. Even she thinks the same of it. Right now shes hoging my ps3 playing dead island and she's lovin it. It's a damn good game.
Pintheshadows  +   950d ago
A damn good game. No. Fallout got away with fetch quests due to their interesting nature and the fact it had a narrative to tie them altogether. DI is just a constant dull slog with casual as you like combat and no difficulty.

I'd like to point out that I have rarely experienced bugs. I just dislike the game as it isn't very good. It feels like a tech demo that was, at the very last minute turned into a game.

I don't think i've played a game recently that has such a lazy attitude. Everything about it screams "that'll do". I can picture Techland saying "quick, crowbar some rpg lite elements in.
phantomexe  +   950d ago
I have to say there has never been a open world game where the malee felt so right. Dead island feels so good useing weapons instead of guns as much. They nailed it useing weapons.It's so much damn fun. Game is a easy 8.5 or 9 and i don't see the (that'll do) attitube your refering to but his to his own i guess. I wish you had another bubble buddy i'd like to hear what you got to say.

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