GameSpy: Dead Island Review

Dead Island understands that a zombie isn't just a bag of hit points. A zombie is a threat. In modern zombie lore, a single zombie is scary because its bite will infect you. A dozen zombies are even scarier. A shopping mall or island of zombies is enough to induce an instant catatonic state of pure terror.

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One-X2447d ago

'Dead Island understands that a zombie isn't just a bag of hit points. A zombie is a threat.'

Quite ironic considering the zombies have a health bar, a set amount of hp, and the damage is dealt with numbers. Aside from a few comments, which did make me laugh, it's a good review and it's nice to see it get some praise after a completely mixed reaction in the last week.

All they need to do now is patch the save bug and some other bugs and we'll be good to go! :D

Pintheshadows2447d ago

It for me is good but not great. I've never come across so many fetch quests before and the voice acting is the worst i've heard since Just Cause 2.. It has great combat and atmosphere though. Those combined make up for its issues in my eyes at least.

SuperBeast8112447d ago

Just cause 2? lol try Two Worlds for worst voice acting EVER bro lol

ThanatosDMC2447d ago

Yeah, Two Worlds 2 is way more messed up in voice acting than Just Cause 2. JC2 is more fun though in my opinion.

Pintheshadows2446d ago

Being English hearing a cockney and manc person doing a chinese accent will never be bested. And frankly it has stuck in my head as the most laughable thing i'd ever heard.