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2010 Soccer World Cup will be broadcast in HD

HDTV is coming to South Africa just in time for the 2010 World Cup. A broadband company, Sentech, is set to roll out Digital Terrestrial Televsion, or DTT, just in time to met the governements requirment. This system is set to cost them one billon Rand, 140 million US, to roll out and will take up to five years for a complete installation. The 2010 World Cup is going to be hosted by South Africa and FIFA demands that the country has the ability to broadcast high-def. (Tech)

MaximusPrime_  +   2713d ago
UK already enjoyed watching football in HD, last year world cup.

Premier League at the moment are broadcast in HD.
g-nome  +   2713d ago
Here in SA things take a little longer to happen , but hey at least we have a localized playstation store, but with a bandwidth cap of 2G per month cant download a hell of a lot. See you in 2010.
SlippyMadFrog  +   2713d ago
I just bought myself a Sony Bravia so it will be great if I can watch TV in HD as well. It's just good to see that HD is being developed in South Africa. We are relatively technology aware but the costs involved are pretty high. The exchange rate between the South African Rand and Dollar is 7 rand for 1 dollar but for some reason we multiply the dollar price of an xbox by 10 to get to the rand price in the shops.
Bnet343  +   2713d ago
The only time it's actually fun to watch soccer
is during the world cup. after that, it's boring in my opinion. Go Spain!!!
tuffco  +   2713d ago
Does anyone know if I can import Pro Evo 08 for PS3 from Europe to Canada?
brianodom  +   2713d ago
juandren  +   2713d ago
God I wish Iwas on this site more. Have to view it from my phone. My brother always occupies the internet. Anyway, I live in South Africa and I am fairly happy. Except for the time technology takes to reach these shores. Wii got released her 29 September 2007, when did USA get it? X360 got released 29 September 2006, when did USA get it? I just want companies to stop thinking solely on the 3 main regions (EU, NA and Japan) and start thinking about others too. Still waiting for "official" Xbox Live btw.
Andronix  +   2713d ago
FOOTBALL World Cup 2010
It's funny that American's call it Soccer, that's why they dont 'get' it. They are a wealthy and self-sufficient nation that doesn't want to play.

The rest of the world, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Indian Subcontinent, everywhere are cultures so different in history, language, people.... But these billions of people from around the world are united in national pride watching their country play in a game that we all call FOOTBALL.
SlippyMadFrog  +   2713d ago
USA is a bit reluctant to fully participate in international sports like football, rugby or cricket but they are pretty big. I think if they go 100% after those sports, they will probably be very good.
IoACEoI  +   2713d ago
why did you get xbox in south africa
cool there are people from s.a not just me
Dreamworker  +   2713d ago
Last World cup
on ESPN was in HD.
Neshamah  +   2713d ago
Hey, I also live in SA. This whole HD thing doesn't really affect South Africans though seeing as it is so ridiculously expensive to buy an HDTV here. Didn't think I would would be seeing fellow Suid Afrikaners on the site. Really Awesome!
juandren  +   2713d ago
When i saw g-nome's post i thought the same thing. I think there are gonna be more south africans on here from now on. Especially since NAG put this site in its book as a must-view site. Lot of people read NAG
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Neshamah  +   2713d ago
Ja, a lot of people read NAG, most probaly every South African gamer seeing as it is the only decent and affordable gaming magazine in SA. If you want to buy anything imported you got to shell out a hundred bucks, not worth it IMO.
IoACEoI  +   2713d ago
stupid nag mag
nag sucks i stop reading it when it said that the xbox is betterb than ps3

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