Five Games That Are Great and Also Free

GP Editor, Marshall Henderson writes, "Being a gamer is tough on the ol' wallet. It's not easy to make that $60 investment all willy-nilly. If only there were some free games on the internets to help you out there... Don't worry, I'm here for you. Here's a list of five completely free games to help you keep that wallet safe (and maybe make you think some junk about stuff)!"

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Pikajew1722d ago

Never heard of any of these games, gonna give them all a try.

Halochampian1722d ago

The Stanley Parable is hilarious!

Really well thought out

lorianguy1722d ago

You forgot Trackmania Nations :P

ATi_Elite1722d ago

you forgot:
Team Fortress 2
Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Play 4 Free
World of Warcraft (up to level 20)
War Inc.
Global Agenda
and about a 100 more.

MHenderson1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

You seem to have forgotten the first part of the title, "games that are GREAT and also free." That trims your list down significantly. Aside from that, the games that are any good out of that list are like, what, TF2, Vindictus, and WoW? After level 20, you have to pay for WoW, which instantly takes it off the list for not being free, and Vindictus is mediocre unless you pay for it. That leaves TF2. I don't like TF2 much.

zeal0us1722d ago

Nothing wrong with free