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Submitted by Markatansky 1613d ago | review

Ready Up » Dead Island Review

Ready Up staff writer Loz Masters reviews Dead Island from Techland studios. After a controversial trailer sparked an internet firestorm, does the final product live up to the hype? (Dead Island, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

RaptureLeaking  +   1613d ago
Can't wait to play this in co-op!
shammgod  +   1613d ago
Buy this game!
dkgshiz  +   1613d ago
They really need to patch that save glitch asap. I lost nearly 5+ hours of gameplay due to it. I'm not playing anymore until they patch that. Also I'm sure they will get rid of the duplication glitch soon. Or else its unlimited money for everyone.
Xristo  +   1613d ago
Cannot speak for consoles but on PC this game is awesome! My only complaints are:

1: Save system could be much better. Half the time I am afraid of quitting the game unsure if I will lose what I just did. Just for assurance, I would finish a quest then quit. A suggestion I would of liked would of been a save anywhere style but when you reloaded it would take you back to a hub (i.e. the lighthouse) with possible respawned enemies....this would give me the assurance that I saved and hesitant to spam reload. Just an idea...

2. hmm...still looking...maybe the inventory system? I'm sure a Modder will do some positive changes....
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