Best and Worst Selling Video Games of September 2011

It's obvious that the slew of new releases this week would have an impact on retail store sales. This data is based on US sales of new releases (which all primarily launched September 6th, 2011) and as expected the top game titles sold last week are not a surprise. What is a surprise are the games that made the worst sales list.


This article is based on sales of Week #36 of 2011, i.e. from September 5th thru 11th. However, and based on user/readers opinioins, make a mental note that it's extremely likely these details will prevail for the entire months sales stats.

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jeseth2623d ago

Its September 11th (God Bless America) by the way... a little too early for this don't ya think?

iamnsuperman2623d ago

How this article got approved is beyond me. The title misses the most important piece of information and that is the week date. It isn't of September but the last week.

YodaCracker2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I don't see any source for the numbers in this article. Where could they be getting this data from?

rjdofu2623d ago

From the future i.e. from their *sses.

newn4gguy2623d ago

Resistance 3 is actually one of the best shooters I've played in years.

R:FOM was pretty good, but it obviously had its problems. R2 was also good, but took some steps backward, as far as the campaign was concerned.

Resistance 3 is a completely different beast. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good story, epic set pieces, or addicting multi-player. It's well balanced, by the way. (For those of you who are tired of Call of Duty's balancing issues...)

Urmomlol2623d ago

Sales for september after the first week of September?

Fuck this shitty website.

JerryMatters2623d ago

That's why the last thing you wrote was from last year for a site called cracked? Um yah, you try to make a site that has over 2k fans. I like that site, just because you don't like the story doesn't mean you have a brain or know how to choose an N4G handle. Getta clue moron.

tarbis2623d ago

LOL! Posting best and worst selling game of September when we're just on the 3rd week of September.

hotskys2623d ago

we're 11 days into the month, so how in the hell do you think we're on week 3?

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