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Submitted by SteveThe1ne 1616d ago | article

Disgaea 4 Netherworld Tips Dood!

GamersGameplay: Disgaea is an amazing series, but can be a little harsh to anyone unfamiliar with the Tactical RPG format or new to the series itself. One of the biggest goals in the game is to grind endlessly to become so uber-powerful that nothing can stand in your way. As a huge fan of the series, with almost 1000 hours of game-time played over the franchise in total, I put together some helpful tips to help you out in the Netheworld. (Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, PS3)

Ramas  +   1616d ago
we still do not have this game in europe :)
SteveThe1ne  +   1615d ago
I'm so sorry! Hopefully soon you will! Be sure to add me if you need any help or tips.

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