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Second Sight: Why it deserves another look

A man lies tied to a hospital gurney, blood seeping through his bandages. He can't remember how he got there, or for that matter, who he is. But something is wrong. He struggles against the restraints, scared and confused. Suddenly, a blinding light waves over the straps, and he's freed. Just what the hell is going on here? (GameCube, PC, PS2, Second Sight, Xbox)

jony_dols  +   1421d ago
I was actually a bigger fan of Midway's Psi-Ops.

Either way both games were great fun and definitely deserve some love (and possibly a sequel!)
redDevil87  +   1421d ago
You read my mind!
Venox2008  +   1421d ago
you really read our's mind :)
pythonxz  +   1421d ago
Who owns the rights to Second Sight? Wouldn't it be Crytek UK?
outwar6010  +   1421d ago
second sight was AWESOME and the ending was one of the best I've seen yet
NarooN  +   1421d ago
I played and beat this on my brother's Xbox a long time ago. Such an amazing game, and the ending was mind-blowing. A sequel would be great. John Vattic ftw lol.
Enigma_2099  +   1421d ago
Underrated gem!
Figboy  +   1421d ago
Second Sight was one of my favorite games last generation. It had a GREAT story, and the game play was pretty good. I don't think I've played a game where it felt so good to have psychic powers.

Sadly, the generice Psi-Ops, with it's horrible story got more props, mostly because it had slightly better controls than Second Sight. Everything about Psi-Ops screamed "generic action game," from story to characters, but the gaming media ate it up, as usual. Nothing like a dudebro shooter to bring in the praise, even last generation.

Oh, I own Psi-Ops AND Second Sight, and I liked what I played of Ops (I think I got about halfway through it), but I never beat it, whereas I beat Second Sight numerous times, because I felt compelled to finish it.

It had a great ending as well.

I'd love to see Crytek release an HD collection of Second Sight, maybe packed in with the Timesplitters games.

Or just do a $9.99 HD re-release of it, like Ubisoft did with Beyond Good and Evil (one of my other favorite games of last generation).
jrisner  +   1421d ago
great game!

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