8.0 Dead Island review

"While Dead Island isn't a flawless experience, I still had a lot of fun with it. It's pretty much the zombie game I had been hoping for, and I'm glad that somebody tackled this open world setting for this particular horror sub-genre. I wish it exuded just a little more polish, and I'll end up raging pretty bad if I ever lose my save like a few other unfortunate souls, but as of now I'm having a good time with it. It was certainly worth the $60 I paid (no review copy on this one), and I'd suggest it to anyone that enjoys either zombie flicks or open world adventure. It mixes a lot of the best elements between the two, and I hope to see more games like it with just a little more refinement in the future. "

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Pintheshadows2478d ago

Take the hammer to the zombie and take it to it well, take the hammer to the zombie and send him back to hell.

MysticStrummer2478d ago

D minus for the PS3 version from me. Buggiest game I've ever played by ten miles.