The Zombie Infiltration

Joseph of - "I believe the ultimate reason why so many games now have zombies in them, is because the word “zombie” has become synonymous with the word 'fun'."

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DanSolo2290d ago

I think Zombies have a really high appeal for people who like the whole post apocalyptic movie/games ect.

Like watching a movie about the end of society and the battles after it is good..... but if you throw zombies in there it becomes a whole different thing... the trouble is most movies/games get it wrong... the original Dawn of the Dead came the closest to getting it right!

ATi_Elite2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Zombies have become the short-cut way for Devs who do not wanna create a good set of A.I. instructions for NPC's.

Sure Zombie DLC is fun but it's getting old. Now I do like killing Zombies but only the ones in STALKER cause at least those Zombies have a gun and are more of a challenge.

plmkoh2290d ago

Zombies represent the ultimate cannon fodder for a video game. Why bother with trying to justify shooting a Nazi/Russian/Alien/Terrorist/G ov conspirators/robots etc when you can simply put in faceless zombies that require no story. Not to mention zombies allow you to add great variety in weapons in both gun or melee categories.

Kee2290d ago

Yeah, zombies are definitely the "cool" thing this generation.

Legion2290d ago

I think a big reason for Zombies being so popular is the fact that the A.I. fits in with all the bad A.I. that we complain about in other games, such as enemies running directly at you not bothering to take cover.

We get the fun of killing enemies and not complaining when the enemies are dumbed down. Because for the most part Zombies are dumb mindless A.I. characters.

Which funny enough adds to the realism of the character models. (yes, knowing full well that Zombies don't actually exist.) It is so hard to mess up a Zombie enemy.

Legion2290d ago

"Black Ops zombies mode works well because it revolves around zombies. They add to the overall experience. When zombies are just there because people like zombies, there is no point." Really... In Black Ops Zombies had a point for being in the game?

And then the next statement directly after that complains "When zombies are coming to break down the door into your game, developers, just barricade them outside." Isn't that directly what happens in Black Ops, and yet it works for Black Ops and not other games? Why again??

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