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GS Writes: "Dead Island is bloody fun. Announced 5 years ago, Dead island had one of the best trailers in recent memory, creating a ridiculous amount of hype for the game. Sure it has a few technical issues, but I'm sure you will enjoy this fresh take on a zombie game."

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Marcus Fenix2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I couldn't find a score on their website.

Pozzle2380d ago

Why not round it up to a 9.7/10?

SilentNegotiator2380d ago

Because someone at Gamersheep (who submits) seriously thinks that putting 69 in the score is still funny several times later......or ever was the first time.

Son_Lee2380d ago

Something tells me they just liked the "69" in there.

CommonSense2380d ago

just stop reviewing games if you could give a sub-part game like this such an incredibly high score.

if you gave it an 8-9...fine. you just have low standards. but a 9.7? what a joke.

Azyp882380d ago

bla bla bla :) For me its best coop game i've played.

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