Gamers XTREME - Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3 is a great improvement over Resistance 2 and worthy successor to Resistance: Fall of Man. It’s a well-crafted, enticing game for fans of the series coupled with the battles and intensity that fans have come to love and expect.

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Rhezin2284d ago

I really loved Resistance 3 and it was a great ending but..WHERE ARE ALL THE NEW CHIMERA!? Yes there was the leapers and brawlers but thats just two and they showed those already in trailers. The infected grims and the satan chimera were cool, but I wanted more of that! They could've brought back the chimeran dogs, the t-rex chimera, the leviathan, the swimming chimera. I was expecting they would make a return. Part of what I loved about this series was the variation in the species. And where's the hailstrom gun?

Vegivo2283d ago

I was thinking about trying this game out

yonkersfinest882283d ago

Yes, there definititaly was a cut back in certain enemies and weapons from the past. However thats not to say that R3 didnt have a great array of firepower and enemies because this was my personal favorite selection of both!