PS4, Xbox 720, Wii U = PS2, Xbox, GameCube

DeShaun Zollicoffer of Geek Revolt writes:

"This console generation has been surprising—it’s the opposite of the previous one, with Nintendo having the highest selling console, and Microsoft and Sony having a tug of war for second place (Microsoft currently has the edge). Things could change by the time the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii are replaced, but it’s a good chance it’ll stay the same. The real shake up will happen during the next generation, and here’s why we could be headed back to the 6th generation."

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AngelGirl162650d ago

Great article. I thought it was gone to be a fanboy rant but it wasn't. I agree with everything he says. I think Sony realized it mistakes and will focus on creating a simple console that will gain them profits on every console sold.

thugbob2650d ago

I agree with everything the article said except for the next Xbox being the most powerful.

I think the PS4 will be the most powerful yet affordable.

iamnsuperman2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I feel the theory behind the next xbox being the most powerful is a little stretched. I see them going down a two tier route. The family low hard drive and the dedicated console that has similar specs to the PS4. I see the PS4 being powerful but no where near the leap of PS2 to PS3. This thing is all console need to compete with the computer gaming market while being affordable

Micro_Sony2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Sony has a trend that makes sure that every console they release is 10 times more powerful than the previous one and I dont see that changing.

One think they will have to do is make sure that they have a PS4 with like 1GB storage for the casuals.

egidem2649d ago

We don't even have the foggiest idea about what specifications next gen systems from companies like Sony or Microsoft will contain.

It's frankly too early to start speculating about who will win next gen. For example before this gen started, it was easy to speculate that Sony's future console (PS3) would continue the PS2's market reign, with Microsoft's future Xbox 360 not holding a prayer and with Nintendo's Wii in last place once more. It would have made sense, based on the market conditions back THEN.

But of course we all know that the reality is different.

Who knows what the 3 companies' positions in the market will be next gen? The only way to find out is to wait and see.

BattleAxe2649d ago

The WiiU is going to be the biggest non-factor over the next 4 years.

Iroquois_Pliskin2649d ago

since when does the xbox has the edge?

Sgt_Slaughter2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

DarkCharizard, you make every single Nintendo fan want to just kill you, you know that? It is people like you who ruined this generation, and changing it from all about the games to all about a 3 way shouting war between all the consoles...

AngryTypingGuy2649d ago

If the next Xbox is more powerful than the PS4, will all of the Sony fanboys magically change their tune and say "It's all about the games, man!", or will they get an Xbox instead? I already know the answer, and they would be right saying "It's all about the games," but that's not what they were saying this generation, at least early on.

NiKK_4192649d ago

It is all about the games, which PS3 has. And guess what? They also look great.

Corax2649d ago

I know each new system is going to provide something new and individual to the market. All I know is my PS4 better have backwards support for ALL the previous systems. And if not all atleast the PS3 I still think it's stupid Sony cut out the PS2 for the later PS3 models. But looking at it from a business point of view it was smart if PS2s is still selling like hot cakes.

yabhero2649d ago

Actually is looking like the PS4 will be the least powerful if what Sony says about not focusing on power this time is true. Then Wii U will be in the middle and the NextXbox slightly over that.

death2smoochie2649d ago

If MS wants to release the most powerful console system next generation they can as they have the most capital to do so.
Sony does not actually have a history of releasing the most powerful system.
The PS1 was less powerful overall than the N64 and the PS2 was less powerful than the Xbox1 and GameCube.
It was only the PS3 this generation that Sony had the most powerful console...and it was not by much.
Next generation will be interesting to say the least.

net1234562649d ago


"LetIf the next Xbox is more powerful than the PS4, will all of the Sony fanboys magically change their tune and say "It's all about the games, man!", or will they get an Xbox instead?"

I will buy an Xbox then. I bought tge PS3/2 because of the games/bluray/dvd

If MS has the games I want and the best graphics I will switch no problem.


"LetActually is looking like the PS4 will be the least powerful if what Sony says about not focusing on power this time is true. Then Wii U will be in the middle and the NextXbox slightly over that."

Lol between Wii U and PS3 there is no upgrade that would make sense and actually 90% of the people would see no difference at all. The other 10% would laugh at a PS4 with worse graphics then Wii U Sony could just keep PS3 then. I know what Sony said but they didnt meant there wont be an upgrade at all.

PS4 wont eventually be able to compete with 2013/14 gaming PCs but it will DWARF the PS3 Specs in every point. I bet most people that expect an minor upgrade wont believe what they read until Sony and MS will release their Specs. PS3 /360 AND Wii U are so outdated its not even funny we saw a 100 times increase in Processing Power between PS2/3. Even if they just put 10 times as their goal this time there will be a significant graphical improvment. The graphics will be so much better then today not just a little. Because thats what makes people buy new consoles (exept Wii )

Everyone that cant imagine MUCH better graphics has not played on a good PC. Samaritan Demo is what awaits us in ALL games. Yes they used 580 GTX and 3 of them but they made it fast and it could work on one with optimization. Also 360/PS3 got highend GPUs (1 year old in PS3 case) not available on the market yet in 360 case. Agtx 580 in 2013/14 is old. THIS would be a BUDGET solution in 2013/14: octacore IBM Cpu GTX 580 8 gb unified GDDR5 Ram.

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Peaceful_Jelly2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

You know, I always thought that Sony's only mistake this gen was to make the PS3 too expensive because people wanted it but couldn't afford it so they hated on it. Real hard. I have lots of friends that were very pro PS2 and couldn't wait for the PS3 but as soon as Sony said that it would cost $600 all of them went and bought an Xbox and a Wii and forgot that the PS3 even existed until recently...

And if the PS Vita is anything to go by then I only expect the PS4 to be affordable, powerful and innovative. I mean, Nintendo tried to rip us off with the initial price of the 3DS but Sony is packing lots of technology into a machine that only costs $250(an OLED for god's sake!).

Micro_Sony2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Affordable is a double edge sword because on one hand we the customers save money on something we really want but on the other hand it means that the PS4 will have a budget and somethings that they initially wanted will have to be axed.

Look at how many things were removed from the PS3 becuse of PEOPLE complaining about the price being too high but yet the flock to Apple stores to buy iPads and iPhones for $600.

Sony should have tWo version of the PS4 one for people like me who want the best and latest tech in a console and who is not afraid to spend money and one for those people who just want to put in a game and press star.

Edit: @ below - In terms of system specs both version should be identical but the cheaper version will practically be naked and have like a 1GB HDD no built in EV-DO.

If you dont know what EV-DO is read the link and I think its safe to say that this will probably replace WiFi in all future electronic products.

Rainstorm812649d ago

As long as they dont gimp one version, kinda like the HDD-less 360.....because the games will suffer in the long run as all devs will have to cater to the minimum spec version so everyone can play their games

egidem2649d ago

Only Apple is capable of launching a product at an overpriced number and actually get away with it without decreasing the price, then do it again with the product's sequel. Only Apple.

Heck, their new Macbook Air has profit margins between 27%-38%.

cyborg69712649d ago

@micro Sony that linked article is from 06. Get with the program. That wireless tech is crap I had it back in the day.

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WhiteLightning2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I'm excited for the PS4

I think the PSV is Sony's way of saying "Look we can learn from our mistakes" so I'm guessing the PS4 will be affordable and developer friendly.

If Microsoft are targeting the casual audience I doubt they would focus their efforts on graphics. They will improve them...of course they will, but not as much as they could, it would increase the price putting the casual audience off.

qwertyz2649d ago

lol MS isn't going with the casual, they'll support kinect even after nexbox arrives to keep casual money coming in but they won't make a casual console.

they are making a closed box PC they've already said they want xbox and pc to share the same ecosystem so that means nextbox will run windows 8 and will be able to run apps like Microsoft word etc this could help the console sell as they could just brand it a fully multipurpose machine. The machine will be powerful(at least the GPU which I know a little about) but I know nothing about the cpu.

That may be the reason they bought an ARM license and are porting windows and all windows software to ARM. with an ARM lincense they could design an arm based cpu to their won performance requirements the only thing limiting how powerful the cpu can be is talent and money. MS has more than enough cash and can easily contract IBM to design a high performance ARM chip.

the reason they cannot use X86 is that intel doesn't sell x86 licenses and don't ell the IPs of chips they design which causes many complications for console manufacturers

egidem2649d ago

I agree, but they can't suddenly just dump the hardcore base come next generation. This would be a decision they would regret.

Nintendo didn't have a problem with that decision because they were tapping into a market that hadn't been tapped before: casuals. But now the Wii has already saturated its growth and has been declining, which concludes that the casual market can't be relied on for long term periods.

Microsoft might be showing signs of succumbing to the casual market (more focus on Kinect games, less focus on exclusive core titles) but surely they can't just suddenly turn the ship and go fully casual, as they would regret later on.

On Sony's side, it looks like they are building an army to conquer next gen (something Microsoft should be doing) because they know a gaming console is useless if it has not games. If next gen starts and Microsoft continues the Kinect boat there as well, they could get into trouble.

Seferoth752649d ago

Tapping into a market that nobody had before? LOL dude come on. Millions of casuals didnt just pop into existence. They were buying crap casual games on the PS2,PS1,Snes and Nes..
Yes it might look like there are more casuals today because they have access to now to more devices that offer gaming. Not long ago if you wanted to game you had to have a PC or console. Now you have people every day getting access to devices they can game on whether that be Facebook apps or games like Angry birds. Surely you dont think 150 million hardcore gamers bought a PS2 then suddenly vanished?

[email protected] Sony building an Army. People like you are whats wrong with gaming today. You take this whole" console war" too seriously and you really do not have the level of knowledge of gaming that you need to have in order to give an informed opinion on the subject but like many you would rather throw stones than educate yourself.

PCE2649d ago

Sony will likely release a console with an offset, but will reduce the financial risks when doing so, and will likely not release another $600 machine as the PS3 wasn't well received at launch. This could mean a machine with much smaller chipsets that punch out very nice visuals at 1080P 60FPS.

_Aarix_2649d ago

Next gen will hath to be at least $600 this time. If it needs to do even more.

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jc485732650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

This generation is pretty lousy despite the fact that there are some rather great games. Simply there isn't enough innovation for other genres, which is a problem. This generation is filled with mostly shooters as opposed to last gen where genres were more balanced. I only hope that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo encourage more third parties to work on different genres.

Micro_Sony2649d ago

Yeah but that should be expected.

Innovation is hard when just about everything has been done in video games already.

The only way I see innovation happening is if virtual reality becomes possible and we are in the game.

DragonKnight2649d ago

Innovation doesn't really have to be something new. It could be something old done in a new way, or something recent done in a different way.

For example: Demon's Souls. Take a look at its online. That's innovative right there.

vortis2648d ago

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Super Mario Galaxy, The Ball, Red Orchestra, Dark Void, No More Heroes, Portal, Limbo, Shank and Mass Effect all say Hello.

You must be a CoD fanboy?

maniacmayhem2649d ago

Yes, i would really like to know what was "innovative" last generation compared to this gen.

I think for a lot of people the nostalgia of past gaming is clouding their judgment.

There has been some excellent games and with the whole online multiplayer aspect today's games has reach a new level. I mean seriously the online aspect alone of the ps3/360 is "innovative" enough.

jc485732649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

It isn't really innovation if you consider the technology we're in. It's really more of an optional "necessity" than straight up "innovation." If we say Call of Duty is innovation, then we're in complete denial.

Edit: If next gen is going to be a little different, I just hope shooter is not the main genre. It should probably take rest for now.

ShaunCameron2649d ago

Umm. The original XBox and the Dreamcast already introduced the online multiplayer aspect. The only real innovation this generation has seen was the motion-control system, hate it or love it.

vortis2648d ago

What was innovative last gen? WTF are you smoking?

Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy XII, the original Halo (try to find another shooter like this one), Half-Life 2, Fable, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Katamari Damacy, Splinter Cell, Mad Dash, Quantum Redshift, The Godfather (actually pretty good and underrated), Star Wars Battlefront and about a hundred other games I'm too lazy to list.

Get your head out of Activision's butt and realize that you've been force-fed anti-innovation games in shiny packages. This gen was anything but innovative.

maniacmayhem2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I get what you're saying but i would still like to know what "innovation" you are looking for that you feel was in last gen's consoles.

CoD MW isn't "innovative" but it did give a much needed boost to the industry when fps's where beginning to feel stale and stuck in WW2.

I guess what i'm really trying to say is the use of the word "innovative" it is the new buzz term around N4G and i think people are using it pretty loosely. It's just like a while back when people on here were using "triple a" and associating that with sales.

Oh yea, the xbox and DC had it but it was never as dominant or necessary as it is now. Especially with games like L4D, Halo, SSF4, KZ, and many other terrific games this generation has seen. I remember trying to play Madden online for my Dreamcast and at that time i had a 56k modem....not cool!

DA_SHREDDER2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

well I can't imagine how much more powerful consoles can get anyways? There really isn't much to do besides improve on consoles UI and adding more RAM to the systems. 2 gigs should be plenty enough though adding 3 or 4 would be overkill, but plenty enough. Sony has the most they can do with their next system, just by adding ps2 games on the psn will add 2000+ games to their library, all while making the Vita a possible controller for the ps3 and ps4 rendering the WiiU's controller obsolete due to the lack of horsepower inside the WiiU's controller compared to the Vita's two quad cores.

But one thing is for sure, despite the success that was the Wii, I really miss playing Nintendo games with a regular controller. So I'm looking forward to playing games the way I used to play them, despite the lack of gamecube compatibility, they can just add GC games to their virtual console. Also, if Nintendo adds a good UI for their online, It's almost impossible for them to not sell third party games like COD and Battlefield by the millions. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, all in HD and 3-D plus sick 3rd party games using the WiiU's controller is definitely a formula for success. That is if they implement everything the right way.

As for the new xbox, Microsoft knows that the future is online, so who knows, they could buy Onlive for 1 billion dollars just like they did skype and start next gen now, but the question I have is, what would happen to the xbox if they lost most of their third party support? EA has already started their own steam type of service, and what would happen if Activision makes their own micro console to play COD with a subscription? They don't own Epic games, not that they couldn't acquire them, but seriously, without some good first party support, all the new xbox is gonna be is a beast of a machine that pretty much plays everything that the competition already has. Sure they got Kinect, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of the console market pie. I'm not saying that the xbox is gonna flop, but they need to do more than depend on third parties to stay relevant. Especially when Nintendo, Activisoin, and Apple together already own 75% of the gaming market

Whatever happens, I hope that these consoles don't come out at $400 bucks a piece cause I already own 2 ps3's , a 360, and a 3DS so I'm definitely ready to wait it out for a couple of years until a major price drop comes. Even at $300 bucks, their has to be more than a small leap in graphics and communication. It should also be about cutting out the middle man and making games cheaper, and making games complete without having to patch things up days after a release. There's alot more problems with gaming than the benefits these days, maybe publishers will start doing the right thing next gen? Only time will tell.

lategamer2649d ago

Consoles can get plenty more powerful. Look at the footage of Battlefield 3 on PC, I would love if almost all games next gen looked like that.

just_looken2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Good article but missing a huge piece which is onlive i know right now its not 100% ready but next gen or the one after that its what are console's will be like. Next gen we will have full drm with 6gb ram and gtx460's on our disc console but if you haven't yet tried onive fire it up that is the future as much as i hate disc less crap i can see it being a dev's/company's dream you can't pirate or cheat on onlive and the only way to access it is with a account. Face it onlive has started the future early also they have a micrconsole and the pc requirements are very low. 3mb connection and you can play any game 30min for free.

the future :(

the game console free if you preorder batman ac

PSX992649d ago

Onlive will never take over since many people have no internet or slow connections. Look at the music industry we have things like itunes yet cd's are still being sold too.

PCE2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

If you don't want OnLive to be the future why are you advertising it? Why did you post a direct link to the sign up page? What sense does that make?

If this makes you feel better, PC gaming will never die. Even if its future is handed over to the open source and indie game developers. Game developers make more money per game sold than consoles despite less initial sales. The console manufacturer is completely cut out because PC is an open platform that is owned by nobody.

Assuming you're never interested in PC gaming you still shouldn't worry about consoles fading away anytime soon. Like PSX above, the internet infrastructure is far from cloud gaming ready status. Guaranteed you'll see a PS8.

3GenGames2649d ago

The future IS NOT THE CLOUD FOR ANYTHING. DOn't act like because it's new means it's GOOD. I will never surrender all my data to a COMPANY.

punisher992649d ago

Onlive is a failure. That company is already looking for someone to leach onto. I don't care what kinda gaming platform you offer. If your platform has absolutely 0 zero exclusive games. It is not gonna survive.

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