Bernie & Onyx Guard Confirmed as Gears 3 DLC writes, "For Gears of War 3 fans, it's going to be a long ten days. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, titles of the year is set to hit the Xbox 360. As the release draws nearer, more details have begun to slip out about the title. Today, the clever members over at the official Gears of War forums have uncovered new downloadable content plans."

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fluffydelusions2653d ago

Argh...1 more week. We are getting there! BTW, anyone want to add me on XBL to play when it's released? My GT is the same as my username here.

Jacks_Medulla2653d ago

I'm looking for people to play with also; I'll add you.

m232653d ago

We are so close, yet it feels like forever.

omi25p2653d ago

Dont think i could be any better prepared for this game, Ive read the books, if finished all the games on insane, ive almost got every achievement. I can not wait.

omi25p2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Even seriously 2.0, only achievements im missing are a couple of horde mode achievements which il get before release and the annex achievement because i dont know what map i need to play to get it.

The Matrix2649d ago

I mean the first seriously. Seriously 2.0 is child's play.

IRetrouk2653d ago

not long now, cant wait, got the gears 3 console payed for and the epic ed, gonna be fantastic.

Neoninja2653d ago

I don't have the epic edition, but the console is payed for and waiting to get hooked up to my tv!

IRetrouk2653d ago

to be fair credit has to go to my fiance for buying me the epic edition if not for her i wouldnt be getting it.
the console is all kinds of awsome glad its not just me that thinks so, bubs for supporting epics work, theve done a good job so far with gears and 3 is without a dought gonna be way more epic than 1 and 2 together.

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