TheSixthAxis Review: Star Fox 64 3D

TSA writes: "The year is 1997. My 14yr old self had demolished Super Mario 64, gathering all 120 stars and finding Yoshi, and was looking for a new challenge. This is where Star Fox 64 came in. A flight combat game, it featured amazing graphics, epic battles and an odd device called a ‘Rumble Pak’ (surely that’ll never catch on?). In short it was yet another reason why there were no regrets for purchasing an N64 over a PlayStation.

The news of a 3DS remake left me with mixed reactions. On one hand I was thrilled at the thought of being able to once again take control of Fox McCloud, blasting through the Lylat System, but there’s always the niggling worry that perhaps those “epic battles” weren’t actually that epic, and the whole thing would tarnish the memory of a much loved franchise. Well, let’s find out."

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