Dead Island - Complete Hidden Colored Skulls Walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough/Guide for all skulls (brown, purple, blue, orange, green) locations, drop offs and rewards.

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Miiikeyyy2288d ago

I love this game so much, Just taking a break from it...Just lost about 3 hours worth of my save >< The game needs patching!

xPhearR3dx2288d ago

I keep hearing people loosing their saves. I've been backing mine up 3x just in case.

Xenial2288d ago

Same happened to me, i was starting to have my doubts about the game..

ThatCanadianGuy2288d ago

Whoa, those skulls actually mean something? haha.Me and some random guy found one skull shrine in the sewers, we spent at least 15 mins hacking at with machetes and trying to blow it up.

At least, until we blew ourselves up.Loving this game so far!