Sorcery Still In Development For PS3 - PSM3 Sept 2011 Rumor Mill

''According to the rumor section of the September 2011 edition of PSM3, Sony is still actively working on Sorcery, despite a painful drought of information since it’s well-received showing at E3 2010.''

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andron2654d ago

Not really a rumour as Sony confirmed in august that the game still is in development:

buddymagoo2654d ago

I think what has happened with Sorcery is the same that happened with Little Big Planet. It was probably originally intended for a PSN title but because it got so much attention during E3 Sony probably decided to put more funding behind it and make it a full retail release.

sarshelyam2654d ago

I don't think it was ever intended as a PSN release, but your logic is right on the money. Small release gains attention and critical hype with the result being a fully funded future IP.

Anon19742654d ago

It was one of those games that made me think I might consider buying a PS Move, but I'm not onside yet. The sharpshooter is another device that has my attention, but just not my money yet. It's hard to justify spending $50 on a Move controller (I already own the camera), another $50 for another Move controller because you really can't just have one, and then $40 for the Sharpshooter. Every time I even consider this, I think that I could buy 3 games and that pretty much ends the internal debate right there.

SilleGamer2654d ago

Yeah Sony confirmed it as in development, don't understand why PSM3 are treating it as a rumor.

Even so, great news for fans waiting for some news.

DanSolo2654d ago

My guess is that after the high interest was shown in the demo that they realised they could have a good new franchise here if they handled it right and a killer Move game... and originally I wouldn't be surprised if the game was just a fun little motion control game... but now they are likely beefing it up a lot to match the interest!

That's just a guess though!

Ddouble2654d ago

Yea thats what i think. After the interest in E3 they want to lay the hammer down and make this one of the move's best games.

While i hate delays i don't mind if the game ends up been worth it.

NukaCola2654d ago

At first I assumed it was going to be a short fantasy game in a linear fasion, but with how popular and impressive it became, I wouldn't be shocked if they pushed into a more Fable like experience, which I am 100% cool with.

SilleGamer2654d ago


You could be onto something there.

That's exactly what I'm thinking.

People seem to like the title, maybe Sony gauged interest and realized that this may be the PS Move title that could drive hype for the peripheral.

Expect a proper showing in the coming months. :)

dc12654d ago

Yeah.. This one really peaked my interest. I still have it preordered.

sukas2654d ago

this game could make people buy the move controller, and it could have a big audience hardcore gamers and a younger audience especially harry poter fans.

Wardog13682654d ago

I'm just glad we might have our first must have move game.

SilleGamer2654d ago

Some great Move titles on the way.

The rumored Sony Santa Monica Move title looks really cool.

The next wave of motion titles should be interesting!