Top 5 franchises this Generation

This generation saw the biggest leap in gaming so far. It brought us gamers new franchises and whole new way of gaming. It has also foreseen the debuts of the biggest franchise and completely overhauled versions of the franchises from previous generation. We take a look at the top 5 franchises that took the spotlight of this generation.

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WolfLeBlack2652d ago

Sir, I respect your opinion and I respect your right to voice that opinion, but the lack of Mass Effect in this list is enough to me want to slap your repeatedly with a large, wet fish. :D

DarkCharizard_2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Fifa? Really?? LOL. If you were to count old franchises too.. I'd say Mario is the best this gen. NO CONTEST.

Main Series:
New Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Galaxy
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Spin offs:
Mario vs DK March of the Minis
Mario vs DK Miniland Mayhem
Super Princess Peach
Mario Strikers Charged
Super Paper Mario
Mario Kart Wii
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Yoshi's Island DS


If you count only new series, then I'd have to say its either Gears of War, Mass Effect or Uncharted.

xJumpManx2652d ago

Wow, Not one of those games are even in my top 10 the only Wii games I enjoyed was Twilight Princess.

wenaldy2652d ago Show
2pacalypsenow2652d ago

This isnt a Best mario games of this generation

Iroquois_Pliskin2652d ago


lol i want his virtual boy

bozebo2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

He was merely stating a point. Old franchises don't fit in this list.

If you are counting it by the amount of enjoyment that a lot of people got out of a franchise, Mario would probably win overall tbh (unless you ignore the wii). But only because it has loads of shovelware titles.

Mario Kart wii is superb fun - but its the worst mario kart yet because the bikes aren't even karts and they are overpowered so they are all anybody even uses :/ So... It's mario bike now anyway.

But... lol yeah. Most of the other mario games are money grabbing shovelware but I am sure a load of casual wii users got a lot of fun out of them somehow.

Fifa should be replaced with ME and CoD should be replaced with AC. Going by the 'rules' of it being this generation only.

unicronic2652d ago

Actually FIFA deserves to be there. It's made large improvements each years and globally is probably played by more gamers than most other franchises.

zeeshan2652d ago

COD should NOT be there. Not anymore! Battlefield should have been included.

clearelite2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

charizard, you realize that practically every time you post nobody agrees with you and you are turning yourself into a veritable laughing stock on n4g right. It's ok I still appreciate what nintendo has done and so should you. But your comments are just a breeding ground for lol'z. love ya bra.

Anyway, I think Demon's souls, Uncharted, The witcher, Mass effect, and Resistance would make good contenders. Although, I admit there are many more worth mentioning, so it's hard to say.

Forgot about little big planet, it's a fine new franchise.

OMG bioshock, I forgot, i'm almost willing to drive home drunk to go play that game.

Bioshock is a piece of fine art and Bioshock infine should be the same. Hopefully I will run into some chicks tonight, good luck me.

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Kalowest2652d ago

ME1 was great, but the series sucks now.

TheMyst2652d ago

It doesn't suck, it's just veered off from it's roots which kinda disappointed me. It's more of a TPS with light RPG mechanics than the original which was an RPG with TPS mechanics. The third looks like it will loose even more of it RPG roots.

Mozilla892652d ago

Actually I think there are more RPG elements in the third. I can't remember all the facts but I remember hearing that you can now go in depth with customizing weapons and such.

I think that was in the first one but not in the second.

indysurfn2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

This is not a fanboy list huh? Let me see the game that sold 8 million for the entire franchise makes number one. meanwhile the game that sold 10 million for just ONE release didn't even make the list? This same game is the most replayed console game EVER that game is the HALO franchise! But it did not even make the list? Meanwhile you have bioshock a great game but not even able to sale 8 million make the list? And another PS3 franchise selling even less make the list? A great franchise will sale because people catch on to a good game and BUY IT. A real list 1 halo, 2 gears of war, 3 call of duty, 4 fifa, 5 forza.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2652d ago

Where do I start?

1. Figuring out the difference between sell and sale will lend a bit to your credibility.

2. While they're not mutually exclusive, popularity and quality are two different things.

3. Only a biased fanboy presents his personal opinion as set in stone fact.

4. A proper understanding of the word "generation" would be helpful. Half the games on your list didn't originate on the 360, they were on the previous Xbox.

gamingdroid2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Alhtough I partially agree with you, to the millions of people that bought the game, it represents quality experience to them....

Whatever that definition of quality is to them.

pain777pas2652d ago

Is Halo a better game than Bioshock? Is any Halo game really better than any game from the Gears of War series? In my opinion Gears of War is just as influential this gen as Bioshock, God of War and Uncharted. Lets be honest the hulking cover based games that follow like Segas new game and Tecmos debacle. God of War with Dante's Inferno, New Castlevania and in some respects Bayonetta even though DMC deserves much of the credit for all of the above though GOW is the model now and standard bearer. Is Halo really better and COD? Lets be honest COD4:MW cannot be denied nor undone at this point though it is Haloesque or worse in my opinion. Is Halo better that Uncharted? I don't really know if there is a better overall series this generation to be honest. Emotion, quality graphics, great platforming, shooting, stealth, story... What the game has not done to make this generation memorable is the question? Halo will not be forgotten for what combat evolved did for the original Xbox and Halo 2 did for console multiplayer. COD is now the big dog in multiplayer and Gears should be the face of the Xbox because it APPEARS to be the game that maximizes the hardware graphically AND highlights its multiplayer xbox live strengths. Halo can and will be reborn if there is enough care taken to push the envelope with NEW hardware. Halo needs a rebirth not retread. There have been enough Halo games this gen from 3, Wars, ODST, Reach and Anniversary. That is a lot of Halo. Not one of those games do I think about at all when I think about the games that shaped this generation. UC1 and 2, ME1 and 2, Bioshock, Gears 1, AC2, SSF4, MK9, LBP1 and 2, Modnation racers, Infamous, Oblivion and MAYBE (for me) Fallout 3, Saints row 2 believe it or not, GTA4, MGS4 for sure, Rock band, Wii Sports believe it or not to name a few. I never played Fable 2 but should and will at some point. These games I will not and cannot forget for some reason. It usually is the overall entertainment value and quality of the controls for the time that they were released. Gears 1 was perfect timing. Nothing was even close graphically until UC1 took the throne. Chainsaw is unforgettable. It is running through Venice and the music on the rooftops in AC2 is breathtaking. UC2 the whole damn game of just pure is this really a freaking game moments. Look Halo combat evolved in 2001 was the business. Now COD has taken the FPS throne and BF3 is hoping to unseat it and QUALITY wise based on what I have SEEN should. Never let sales cloud your judgement. You may not believe this but Modnation racers is the best Kart racer ever created and you can do all the creating. Yes better than Mario Kart and CTR however I will admit the game lacks that Sackboy creation charm. They needed to make Tag and a Taguette the Avatar you dress up there is something souless about the game that LBP just does not have the same problem at all. Actually Sackboy may be the best character and should have stared in Modnation racers. I digress but you can see that QUALITY and SALES are 2 different things. Duke probably outsold Borderlands or came close and that is a travesty.

kramun2652d ago


Robin: Holy wall of text Batman!!

Batman: Yes Robin, he has yet to learn and master the art of using paragraphs and good punctuation. Cover your eyes, looking at that crap could give you a brain hemorrhage.

IRetrouk2651d ago

why dont you actually read what he wrote? this is one of the most thought out and inteligent replys i have read in a long time on n4g, i dont agree with every game he listed but then he probably wouldnt agree with my list either.
i wouldve added Pgr to that list, the amount of hours i played on 3 and 4 was huge, also forza and gt because both are fantastic games and have also robbed me of hours and hours of my life.

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White-Sharingan2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

1. Uncharted
2. Bioshock
2. Mass Effect
3. Assassins Creed
4. Gears of War
5. Dead Space
6. Batman Arkham Series
7. Souls series (Demons and Dark)

I would love to add 8. Darksiders, 9. Prey, and 10. The Darkness, but their sequels will be released next year and who knows how those games will turn out (though I have faith in the devs)

I would also LOVE to add Lost Odyssey in that list, but unfortunately it only has 1 game :( [need LO2 please]

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TacticEspionage2652d ago

If I was to add an RPG it would've been Elder Scrolls. Sorry but im just not the Mass Effect guy... :(

WolfLeBlack2652d ago

Never be sorry for prefering different game, mate. I happen to love both the Elder Scrolls series and the Mass Effect games. Far too many hours spent wielding swords and exploring the galaxy :D

bozebo2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Mass Effect had a good story, good environments and good character development.

Elder Scrolls has good RPG mechanics.

I think Mass Effect is a really, really, really good universe/idea/concept but, for me, the game itself fails to properly pull it off.

An MMO in the mass effect universe would probably be a massive hit (as in 7mil+ subscribers), and a very good option to capture the potential console MMO market. But bioware are already fully involved in SWTOR and I don't want them to ditch that so they can go and work on another MMO without properly supporting it. But if it crashes (which most MMOs do because of that pile of junk that is WoW) then they would probably try at a ME MMO. Maybe next gen it could happen (512MB of RAM is simply not enough for a proper MMO if they want decent graphics).

Pikajew2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I'm sick of hearing of Uncharted, it's fun and all but not the best game. There are a lot of better games that are original.

buddymagoo2652d ago

"There are a lot of better games that are original"

Could you suggest a few??

Pikajew2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Professor Layton
Mass Effect
Gears of War
Alan Wake

And that series that started this gen

nycredude2652d ago



Take our gears (not original), mass Effect (star trek anyone), and Alan Wake (not even a franchise), Scribblenauts (seriously?) please. And that series you are talking about didn't start in this gen. Duh...

JBaby3432652d ago

Pikajew Gears is not original; at least not any more so than Uncharted. Portal didn't start in this generation. Alan Wake isn't a series (yet?) and while to each his own, Uncharted 1 & 2 as games and a series have more awards than the combined awards from all the games you listed. So while YOU might like some games more be careful saying they are "better".

White-Sharingan2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

You lost me taking you serious when you said Gears of War. Sure it's not a bad franchise, and I own both games and will buy the third game, but it is nowhere near as good as Uncharted. Portal is amazing but it's not from this gen buddy and although Alan Wake was interesting, it's just a grain of sand in comparison to Uncharted.

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bozebo2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Uncharted is probably the best of this generation.

Remember that loads of 'gamers' this gen are quite new to the whole thing and have probably never played most of the world's best games.

Fez2652d ago

I think Uncharted deserves the praise it has gotten... Not many games have the right mix of natural voice acting and fun gameplay. Great action set pieces in number 2 aswell. Not original, but that's not essential for every game to stand out.

I don't even think all the games you listed can be classed as franchises. Alan Wake is definitely not a franchise yet.

2pacalypsenow2652d ago

Yes but its still a very good game

SnotyTheRocket2652d ago

Portal: Boss
LittleBigPlamet: Also Boss

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Venox20082652d ago

Fifa? :D fifa was before.. not just in this generation

Fez2652d ago

Plus a yearly change of names does not make a great game!

Legion2651d ago

And as I recall I just recently read a few articles talking about how people are constantly complaining how each year of Fifa is the same shovelware. And that hopefully this latest game has changed from that norm.

So are they adding the game based on sales then? If so then MANY other franchises belong on the list instead of it.

And if they are going on quality then they need to remove Fifa all together and add Mass Effect instead, as it hands down was a better quality franchise then Fifa.

VampiricDragon2652d ago

disagree with every single pick.