A Zombie by Any Other Name is Just as Hungry – A Project Zomboid Preview (Just Press Start)

Finners of Just Press Start writes:

"Death in games, by which I mean the irreversible loss of your character, is often a glorious act of self sacrifice or an outburst of unbridled heroism. You die to save the world, a loved one or perhaps an intangible ideal. You die because you are just too damn brave, loyal or patriotic to indulge in the feckless act of self preservation. It is due to these influences and my own delusions of grandeur that I have always imagined that I would die, if the opportunity arose, in a remarkable fashion. Project Zomboid, an isometric, zombie apocalypse survival sandbox game, allowed me to test this and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the only remarkable aspect of the whole affair was the extent to which I failed. Its premise is elegantly simple: This is how you died…"

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wirapuru2656d ago

Thumbs up for this game, everyone I've shown it to became addicted so far =P they can't believe it's a REALLY GOOD game (since it doesn't require your 5870x2 to fry) until they start playing.

If you didn't yet, play it. Especially if you're tired of Zombie pointless killing games and even more yet if you think titles like Dead Island are just empty promises to a true zombiecalypse survival experience!