A new protagonist, but with the same formula - Resistance 3 Review (NoobFeed)

The expectations could not be higher, as Insomniac had already won the confidence of players and Resistance was established as a major PlayStation powerhouse. However, it was quickly realized that Resistance 3 would be a different game from others.

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zeksta2657d ago

A game well deserving of this score, good review as it was too.

FACTUAL evidence2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I just beat R3 on hard last night...I'm not trying to sound negative, but R2 was more thrilling, and engaging than R3. The story was pretty weak, and they still yet to explain what Nathan saw when he was controlled. They didn't even show the original breed of chimera nothing!

The ending was the most crappiest shii I saw, it was disappointing like the kz3 ending. KZ3 and R3 went the same way in their third installments, and that's bland from their second!

KZ2, leet ass campaign, VERY HARD final boss, KZ3 sub par campaign, NO FINAL BOSS!?!?

R2, hot little campaign, Giant bosses that kept the gameplay fresh and thrilling, decent final boss. R3, so so campaign, No final boss, and horrible ending.

I'm sorry, but I'm disappointed in R3. This had a better chance being a side game for the vita..

rickhunter892657d ago

i luv resistance but i think they should have kept the 8 player co-op.
ending suck. in the ending credits there were pics every now and then showing that humanity was rebuilding so that must mean that no R4

belal2657d ago

lol wut, insomniac not behind the next resistance game?

Iroquois_Pliskin2657d ago

no... they went multiplat.... very sad day for ps3 owners

PrimordialSoupBase2657d ago

And since when does that limit them from making games for Sony?

CynicalVision2657d ago


I'm sure you meant to say a very sad day for PS3 fanboys. Insomniac going multiplatform doesn't stop them from making PlayStation 3 games, so why would it make users sad?

Iroquois_Pliskin2657d ago

i meant that we lost another member of the sony family anyway nvm

mendicant2657d ago


Bubbs and an agree from me-you nailed that right on the head. His response says it all. For people like that it's about the console and not the games.

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RAmar1012657d ago

one of the best single player campains ive played, its an ace game, i somewhat wish it was multiplat so 360 owners can play it its a very good game

mendicant2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I have a 360 as well and at least for me there isn't anything about the Resistance series that 360 only gamers are missing.

Would it be cool for more people to play the game? Absolutely. But it would be just adding another game to the console as there isn't anything unique about it. If someone really wants to try it just save up and get a PS3. There are plenty of games on the console worth playing.

dc12657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Your comment is really unnecessary.

Yes, it’s ok to have both consoles and
it's also ok (as RAmar101 pointed out) to wish that 360 only players could enjoy this fantastic game/franchise...
But to undermine it with your "meh" comment is really telling. (I truly found myself shaking my head slightly with a lightly audible chuckle... Stop trolling and be a good gamer)

MOTY2656d ago

@ dc1

I have to agree with mendicant. It's great that RAmar101 is such a big fan of the game, but the degree of how great the Resistance franchise is only goes as far as RAmar101's opinion. There are much better games and franchises on both the PS3 and 360 for 360 only owner's to actually care for the Resistance franchise.

Had it been Uncharted then I could understand. But Resistance isn't Uncharted, nor is it even Killzone. I think mendicant is justified with his comment back to RAmar101. He acknowledges RAmar101's passion for Resistance 3, but also states his own opinion.

I am a little surprised at YOU dc1, that you allow a positive opinion about a PS3 exclusive to pass, but the moment someone replies with their opinion about the game, you "shake your head" and feel it's unnecessary simply because they didn't share the same opinion.


mendicant2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )


I beg to differ...your comment is the one that is unnecessary.

I expressed my opinion while at the same time respecting someone elses. Perhaps you should do the same. The fact that I got four disagrees despite stating that there are plenty of reasons to own a PS3 already is telling enough as it is.

ape0072657d ago

amazing game, im in chapter 17 and the campaign is freakin awesome, so far it's a 9+ game imo

belal2657d ago

But wtf, read somewhere taht they may make it if sony wants them to.

dc12657d ago

It very likely that Sony my take this over; much like what MS is doing with the Halo series.

belal2657d ago

bummer, but if osny decides to give the franchise to naughty dog i would be so happy! just thisnk resistance 4 with uncharted graphics! :P or maybe give it to sucker punch.

dc12657d ago

Santa Monica maybe??

I truly hope that insomniac sticks with this.. I just have a feeling that they are not going to dump significant resources into this in the future.