Hardcore gamer kids tend to have low opinion of parents: Study

A new study suggests kids who spend a lot of time video gaming tend to have lower opinions of their parents...

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WolfLeBlack2649d ago

All I know is I play games, write about games and think about games, but I love my parents, have a very strong relationship with them and hold them in high regard.

Guess I got lucky :D

buddymagoo2649d ago

To be fair I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these kids were smarter than their parents. Also if you have out smarted your parents at 12 you would have a low opinion of them wouldn't you?

WolfLeBlack2649d ago

Hard to say. At 19 years old I know that I'm more intelligent than my mother (Yeesh, that sounds awful) but my dad is extremely intelligent. I still have a very high opinion of them.

If you allow the fact that you're smarter than your parents to lower your opinion of them, then you're not as smart as you believe. Just my view, though.

buddymagoo2649d ago

Yeah you are right. I did mean at 12 though, because at that age you are naturally obnoxious.

WolfLeBlack2649d ago

Hehe :D

Agreed. I do think this generations seems to be growing up with little respect for their parents, which is shameful. It's hard to see how games can cause that, though. To me, it's largely because both parents get pushed out to work now and have to put their kid in afterschool clubs etc. and rarely see them for more than a few hours. It's hard to have a high opinion of your parents if you barely know them and never see them

buddymagoo2649d ago

Spot on, good point about both parents being out working. I believe if parents just played the odd game with their kids it would reap rewards and really help the relationship between them.

Also a big problem I have with society is we treat kids as children (if that makes any sense?) When we should be treating them as little people.

WolfLeBlack2649d ago

I absolutely think that parents playing some games with their kids would help! Again, I may be 19, but my dad will often talk to me about games, despite the fact that he only plays FPS he stil makes an effort to take an interest in my hobby, as well as my writing and other gaming related things.

I understand you're point about treating kids as little people, as long as they wear little jingly hats as well :D hehe

Anyway, that's all my bubbles gone on just this little conversation alome, so I thank yo for a most interesting conversation, sir :)

ScorpianusNoir2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Typical kid, thinking he is smarter than the people who take care of him.

Tell you what, when that 12 year old can manage a household, pay all the bills, make arrangements for himself to get to all the places that he needs to, take care of his own medical and dental affairs, work a full time job all while trying to give this inconsiderate sot, all the things that they never had, then in only then will he have a basic understandable what his parents have to go through and maybe , just maybe he will understand that he is not smarter than his parents.

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_Aarix_2649d ago

My parents have been gaming for over 20 could I havr a low opinion of them.

ryhanon2649d ago

Makes sense to me. If your kid plays an excessive amount of games you're probably not a very good parent.

Solid_Snake-2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

if my kid is inside on a night playing games id be a lot happier than them roaming the streets with the rest of the morons out there.

video games keep me out of the pub

and video games keep kids off the streets at night.

no harm done.

Pikajew2649d ago

I have one of those mothers who think games are a waste of time and she hates when I spend money on games. But I don't care to use money for other stuff. My mother thinks I have to much games :/ and she only saw 20 of them

tiffac0082649d ago

Gosh I remember when I was in high school my family (that's from grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts) always told me that I play too much and gaming is a waste of time. That I should do something better with my life.

Man those where depressing times and boy did I have a negative view of them for not understanding my pass time.

Ironically all that changed after gaming became mainstream and they started playing casual games on their iPads.

Now I'm the one that's telling them they're playing too much. lol! XD

grailly2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

my mother told me the other day, that she didn't know if she preferred me playing games or being on drugs... I guess games didn't become mainstream here yet

tiffac0082648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Moms they can be harsh with their comments sometimes. My grandma, mom and one of my aunts use to tell me that games are the work of the devil and I'm being corrupted by them once. lol!

True story, my family is a conservative bunch.

But I stood firm and told them there are great heroes in the games that I play like there are in the books that we read (mostly comics or manga for me though. lol!) and that their stories are just told in a different way.

I just gave them my own version of though love. I knew they meant no harm they just didn't understand and after it was all said and done they came around. So it will happen to you too man, its all about how you approach the situation.

We have a saying in my country "Its harder to raise a parent than raising a child". lol!

Kee2649d ago

I don't get along with my dad. My mum is cool, but I hate my dad. I've played games pretty much all my life, so there you go... Take from that what you will.

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kabala2649d ago

I guess I was lucky. My dad & I played games together all my life even when the family went to the mall my dad & I went to the arcade while my mom and sisters shop. From Atari 2600 till now we game and I'm 45. I cared that over to my family. We all game individually & together on all 3 systems equally. I love my parents for turning me on to has what is has became a life long hobby of mine videogames & I'm passing it along to my sons & hopefully they will continue the tradition.

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