Ethics in Video Games

TPV's Phil: "Families lose fathers, sons and brothers. It’s really a sick world out there. As of late however, more and more developers have decided that these conflicts should be recreated for us to ‘enjoy’ in our living rooms and by doing so open themselves up for massive attack because they are being disrespectful in the eyes of many. More controversial material is also making its way into video games with a lot more sensitive material than before. I get games need to change along with the times, but in my opinion some publishers are in fact using the controversy created by implementing these story lines to sell their games."

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iamnsuperman2654d ago

No matter what there are going to be people who are offended by games especially ones about Afghanistan. MoH received backlash from some but not many in the UK. The department of culture distanced themselves from Liam Fox (defence secretary) saying it was an 18 age game and people get to choose if they want to get it. The problem is some get affected and the media blows it up. Was MoH unethical, maybe, but we have a choose to buy a game. If it goes against are ethic do not get. Someone else shouldn't have the chose for us.

Jonmau52654d ago

I bubbled you up because I could not agree more. The choice lies in the hands of the consumer. The same choice applies to when a consumer buys a book or watches a movie that takes a real event such as a war or disaster and adds it's own take on that real event with fictional happenings.

The creation of the movie, book or in this case game may be unethical if the subject matter is not handled with care but overall personally I would not call Medal Of Honour unethical or shocking.