Warface: First Shild and Mech Footage - Brand New CryEngine 3 Shots and Beta Trailer Emerged

Here are some brand new screenshots of Warface, the upcoming CryEngine 3 shooter from Crytek (Crysis 2) and the offical beta trailer, that includes new gameplay footage. Warface will be launching closed beta in China first on September 15. (sorry, no embed available) Check the new footage after the break!

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Hufandpuf2502d ago

It looks like a Crysis 2 mod, but I'd still buy.

caboose322502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

It's actually going to be a free to play pc game, so you dont have top buy it.

Hufandpuf2502d ago

Great, i'm glad to hear that because it looked like a borderline downloadable game.

egidem2501d ago

Is it me or are these German sites so badly coded that the picture slideshow functions can't even work?

Hazmat132501d ago

i know this haz been said before why not call it WarCry?

egidem2501d ago

Thanks dude. Bubs for you for being helpful.