Characters with Character: Dragon Age's Anders

BT: I had a lot of trouble thinking of an opening for this episode because of the eventual direction the subject matter would go to. It also doesn’t help that a few days from now will be the tenth anniversary of September 11th, something that, as a New Yorker, is a bit close to home.

But that said this is a character that I wanted to write about for some time, and honestly I feel that it’s important it comes out now. We are talking about Anders from the Dragon Age series, the apostate mage that went through a massive transformation from a kind-hearted soul yearning for freedom to political radical taking matters into his own hands.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2653d ago

hm i like anders from awakening, hes funny and all, but in DA2 he became a dick

Man In Black2652d ago

Why's the thumbnail a picture of Alistair?

Bolts2652d ago

The Anders in DA 2 sucks, just like almost everything else in DA2.

a08andan2652d ago

He was my lover in DA2 :D

Kee2652d ago

He's fucking crazy, that's what he is. Why anders, WHY!!!!???