CtN Game Review 12: Mass Effect 2

Chris really loved the first Mass Effect game. It had the promise of an epic story spanning three games. It delivered there, the gameplay was a little restricted but it was still overall good. For more praise his can read my review of the first game. So with the release of the second game, Bioware promised a much more action oriented experience with the RPG elements scaled back. So how did they do with second installment? Read on to find out.

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potedude2649d ago

Game has been out a while?

OzzieArcane2649d ago

Yeah, but should someone never share their opinion on a game just because it didn't come out in the last month or so?

egidem2648d ago

I agree. You could probably play an old game like Condemned: Criminal Origins, then write a review about it...could be helpful to others.

In the meantime, I wouldn't mind a review of Super Mario Bros, even if it's many years late. XD

spike2648d ago

A classic in my opinion

capcock2648d ago

Finally a review!
it was so hard to know if this game was good or not untill now.

CaptainMarvelQ82648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

what? Not to disregard this review but There are already many other reviews for the game that came out months ago.

capcock2648d ago

my sarcasm was pretty obvious.

CaptainMarvelQ82648d ago

LMAO,i was just talking about people who don't spot sarcasm unless an /s was put in another post.
you got me

No_Pantaloons2648d ago

Stupid. Anyone who plays games knew about this a long time ago or *gasp* could have looked it up. They can reveiw if they want, that's fine, but don't submit it on a gaming news site a year and 8 months late, why did this ever get approved.