Frictional Games Looking Towards Consoles + New Ideas

In honor of the one year anniversary of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Thomas Grip, the president of Frictional games, posted a lengthy blog to their website regarding their future plans. Click to read more.

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omi25p2652d ago

I would love to see amnesia come to consoles.

Caleb_1412651d ago

Indeed, it's a PC title that i'm guessing can work just as well on consoles as it's PC counterpart.

wenaldy2652d ago

Yes, make it happen..!!!

Mike_Tha_Hero2651d ago

PSN x XBLA version please.

FacelessGod2651d ago

I actually prefer Penumbra. Hopefully Frictionals interest in consoles means good survival horror for more people. Dead Space is great, but it's not really survival horror, & Silent Hill....... *Cries* Oh god why?!?!? How I loved you so. Rest in peace now.

newn4gguy2651d ago

Loved every word of this post. :,)

Silent Hill was so incredible.
I was hoping Fatal Frame IV would be brought stateside, or perhaps a PS3/360 port? NOPE! I'd KILL for Fatal Frame IV with Move controls. Seriously. The same with Alan Wake, but that obviously can't happen.

I assume you've played the latest Siren?

hatchimatchi2651d ago

Fatal Frame IV is so awesome. It really is a shame it never got released outside of japan. I imported it when the english patch came out.

Siren: Blood Curse/New Translation is great as well, only complaint I have is the ending. Other than that, awesome game that is damn scary.

On a sidenote, I got the japanese release of the Resident Evil CVX HD and RE4. Good stuff.

BTW, the picture was taken with the 3DS, the camera on that thing is worthless.

newn4gguy2651d ago

Ok. Officially freakin' jealous, dude. Epic!

FacelessGod2651d ago

Yeah, I only just bought it a month ago. I had the 60GB PS3 & no room, but I updated to 500GB, & Siren: Blood Curse was my first purchase for the new drive. Good stuff, though it's better in concept than execution. The village lost in the sea of red, seeing through the eyes of the dead, stealth over combat. All good things. Brought down by bad characters & dialogue, giving "Sight Jacking" a name, & iffy controls. Nit-picky sure, but after Silent Hill's characters & psychological themes (that felt more like something out of a dream than any kind of reality). The relative normalcy of characters & events in other games can be a bit of a let down. For me anyway.

Though, I suppose the controls for the Silent Hill games were a bit stiff.
"There, now I've annoyed fans of both series! ...Myself included. Damn it, why is nothing perfect?"

Venox20082651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Fatal frame IV is one of the most awesome survival horror games this gen! :)

Siren is good too

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newn4gguy2651d ago

Penumbra/Amnesia collection, please?!?!?!?!?!?

Move controls also?

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The story is too old to be commented.