Rumor: Castlevania 3DS to be revealed next week

A new Castlevania title might be making its way to the 3DS if this new rumor is to be believed.

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Solidus187-SCMilk1955d ago

Its what everyone's been waiting for, a 3d version of castlevania 64!!!!

HAAHAH JK. It would be cool if its a 2D one with some kind of 3d effect, that might have some cool looking bosses I wonder.

multipayer1955d ago

If it even resembles castlevania 64, somebodies gonna pay!

Game4life1955d ago

I really liked castlevania 64. I think there was two of them though right? i don"t remember. Anyway I though overall it was a good gam e with you being able to choose your character (male or female) and how each character had special abilities.(male - melee attacks female - magical attacks)

Am I like the only person that liked Castlevania 64?

Spenok1954d ago

Yes, there was two of them. And no you are not the only one who liked Castlevania 64. I actually remember playing it and having a good time with it. However im sure if i went back to it now and played it i would be more then disapointed. (Especialy since i just beat Castlevania LoS)

Venox20081955d ago

yeah, baby! MetroidVania Style! :) 2.5D

Gen0ne1955d ago

I also concur. 2.5 please.

Toadmaster891954d ago

I concur as well, 2.5 ftw

tunaks11955d ago

something in the vain of castlevania iv would be nice!

FEARprototype1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

noooooooooo! don't make me buy 3ds konami! don't give me a reason to buy it! i beg you!

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