Borderlands Steam 1.4.2 BTest Patch Notes

Gearbox released a new Borderlands update for Steam users. BTest 1.4.2 patch notes are now available.

Gearbox introduces stat-tracking features, opt-out options, Steam Cloud sync and other enhancements.

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SuperStrokey11232656d ago

Hopefully this will help them make BL2 even better

BiggCMan2656d ago

Some of this stuff sounds like it should have been in the game already to be honest. But it's nice that they are adding them now anyways, and it does sound like it will help them with the development of Borderlands 2.

Farsendor12656d ago

ill play it later,that was such a great steam deal they had going on a few weeks ago

AKS2656d ago

I just tried to launch Borderlands from Steam, which I've been playing recently, and I get a runtime error. WTF?

Farsendor12656d ago

had the same problem once,click properties,local files,verify cache

AKS2655d ago

I did that shortly after I posted, and it came up missing 10 files for whatever bizarre reason. I had been playing this fairly regularly over the past few days, too.