If The Generation Ended Now, Who's The Winner?

If all three consoles were finished as of today, who's the winner? And what criteria would you use to decide?

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Sobaer2651d ago

Enjoyed the read. Thought it was going to rate the consoles in different areas, with a panel of writers, though.

Marcus Fenix2651d ago

saying "who's the winner?" implies that there can only be 1 winner which clearly isn't the case this gen, all 3 console makers r making profits and doing well, most gamers I know r satisfied with their consoles, it's all good 4 me this gen.

Sobaer2651d ago

I totally agree, I didn't want a "winner", but hearing more discussion about all three companies was what I thought I was about to read. :)

I don't believe in a "winner". They are all doing fantastic.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I sure would not decide in who had the most sales.

The way I would decide is who had the best
Online Services

But sadly I would have no clear decision of who will win... I like both consoles, Granted I do play my ps3 a hell of alot more but I alway hop in to my xbox time to time to download some games on demands and my favorite section, the Indie Section. They're is some very good games in there.
Ps3 keeps me hooked with it's great exclusives like Uncharted, God Of War, Killzone, Resistance, Socom, Mag, and Mgs4 which i've just beaten for the 5th time :) and alot more games.

Marcus Fenix2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

since u r into indie games I would strongly suggest that u try an indie game called BLOW, once u start that game u would seriously wonder y it's an indie game and not an XBLA game, the quality of that game is above many XBLA games in my opinion, the art style and soundtrack of the game r beautiful and it's only 400 MSP.

Aerie2651d ago

Nintendo's Wii/DS would win based on sales and units sold (plus it was super fun when the Wii first came out, I loved I only play it with friends, as opposed to just alone).

Game wise though (and features), my vote goes to the PC, followed by the 360, as my favorites this gen. The PC usually wins for me though, due to ease of access/support and game mods.

Hufandpuf2651d ago

If "I" was to rate, I would say Nintendo is the last on my list. Between Xbox and PS3, I'd have to say PS3. The console has shown a LOT of improvement this year, from the range of exclusive titles, to the comeback from the crippling hack attack.